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[v0.4i] Darkmorrow Arena

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Please note!

If you have lost your save file on the 18th of April, we apologize! I have upload an updated version of this game, around Saturday the 18th, April. When this happened, your saves were likely lost. Once done, the version number became 0.4i. This change reverted the shop system back to what it was in 0.3. The original 0.4 shop system seemed a bit too unfair in a rogue-like system. If you feel this change is good or bad, please let us know! Thank you for understanding!

Disclaimer - Please Read First!

  1. This game uses Ironwoman mode! - This means the game autosaves, and you cannot save and reload. Once you die, the save is deleted, and the character is saved into the archive. This is by design. I want the player to experiment, try new approaches, and make do with what they have. Please don’t feel discouraged! Try again, you might do better next time! 
  2. This game is highly pornographic! - This game depicts sexual abuse in graphic detail. If this bothers you, you may want to avoid this game. This is a central aspect of the game design.
  3. This game is just a hobby project! - We are really only making this game in our free time. We don’t expect to make any money from this. We just do it for fun. Because of this, things like animations will almost certainly never make it into this game! We just don’t have the man-power or money to do it. If this doesn’t meet your expectations, we apologize.
  4. This game is mostly Text Only! - The character is drawn. Her outfit pieces are drawn. The UI is drawn. But, there are no animations. The sex scenes are text only. This is for many reasons. The biggest reason is budget. But, the other reason is because this works better with the game design.

You play as a slave, forced into gladiatorial battles. Do anything you can to win gold and glory. Use your gold to buy better gear. Win enough glory and you will earn your freedom!

Contains adult content and lots of RNG. If you are not comfortable with this content, please don’t play this game.

Coding by: Acac

Art by: MutantPrawn

Writing by: Cheese

This game is still a work in progress.

Here are the Change Notes:


  1. 30 new outfit pieces; adventurer's outfit, hunter's outfit, raider's outfit, strapless bras, and thongs.
  2. 15 new scenes; 5 phase 2 scenes for Arena Master, Merchant and Combat Trainer each.
  3. New ending system. Now the game never ends on it's own. You can end the game from your room.
  4. New Difficulty System (Easy, Medium, Hard)
  5. Lots of changes to the UI.
  6. Erotic Scene number displays before a scene plays. Erotic Scenes now also have a skip button.
  7. New Settings options, including size of text.
  8. Added Music and Sound Effects.
  9. Added adjustments to equipment prices and game balance.
  10. Added a dedicated Credits Screen.


  1. Reverted the shop system to what it was in version 0.3. This means each game day, all the old items will be replaced by new items. However, the shop will have more or less items for sale, based on the difficulty level.

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next update when?

acacGames responds:

Thanks for asking! I think probably around end of this year. We're still working on it, and I'm thinking we can actually finish the game in the next release. :O

Currently, I'm adding a bunch of new outfit art into the game, and redoing how the shop picks and chooses what items are for sale. I think the general consensus right now is that the shop does not add to the fun as much as it could. How do you feel about it?

The market is just too random. You can save the gold to buy things, but you can go through the entire game and not have the weapon or piece of armor ever showing up for sale.

acacGames responds:

Thanks for the feedback!

Got to say, it was fun except for the forced hardcore mode. As good a game as Diablo was, I never played hardcore because it sucked losing everything that you'd built. Same feeling here when I get my ass handed to me by a gladiator who had MUCH better gear. Will not play again.

acacGames responds:

Thanks for the feedback! I appreciate it!

for the next update this bug has been bothering me. When changing to gear that includes a HP bonus, the current HP stays the same and the max goes up, however this means that the %HP goes down so my stats actually get weaker, and I have to spend a day or evening healing. also If I switch gear around and then back I still go down in health.

acacGames responds:

Thanks for the great feedback! Yeah, that's a really good point. I should let you switch around gear, to see how it effects your stats. But, I haven't really thought of a good/fair way to do it for items with health mods on them. I like your idea though, of preserving the percent of HP the character has.

great game i was wandering how many phases are there for each character and hoe many time do i have to interact with them to get to the next phase.

acacGames responds:

Thanks! Currently, there are only 2 phases, but we plan to have 5 total.

To reach the next phase, there are 3 requirements
1 - Go through 8 scenes in the current phase (if I remember correctly)
2 - Having scene all 4 repeatable scenes in the current phase
3 - Having fought 3 battles of the corresponding enemy level (so, 3 rank 1 battles to get to phase 2)