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Draw and guide the blind man Dan to his home. Be creative! Find and draw different ways to complete the levels.

Sorry for the sloppy cutscenes, I'm really bad at making them.

Ron Gelinas:





Click and drag the mouse to draw a path

Press R to reset the level

Space to jump


2020-04-09 - Added free draw mode

2020-04-09 - Added level select

2020-04-10 - Removed jump to make levels more challenging

2020-04-12 - Added falling spikes and ball mode

2020-04-17 - Fixed level 11

Note: There is a weird bug with the fullscreen, so please play it without fullscreen for best experience

I got inspiration for this game from Kirby and the Rainbow Curse, Pencilmations, and Animator vs Animation.

I was originally going to make this for an itch.io game jam, but I missed it somehow so I'm posting it on newgrounds. Hope you enjoy!

Thank you for the front page Tom!

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dan walks like an old man.

line rider but with a destination

Can anyone make a game for mobile!

nullBinary responds:

If you weren't able to play the game because it wasn't designed for mobile use, then that's probably a bad reason to leave a review cause you haven't even tried it.

Level 9 is impossible for me thanks to the falling spikes being unaffected by any atempts of drawing a protective roof.

An interesting concept, but I'm not sure how to play the game in the best way. I was expecting to draw fun ramps and maybe block the character with walls to dodge obstacles, erasing them to let him proceed, but none of that seemed to work as the character can barely walk up an incline and is stopped by a slight stair gap. In the end, I'd just draw a line covering the ceiling to block falling spikes forever and then draw inside the character to glitch push him towards the ending. The physics for the spikes weren't the same every time they fell so it led to some frustrating and unwinnable situations. I do enjoy the goofy presentation with the nice little touches like the paper scrucnhing transition, however.