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Troma Studios presents an all new TROMABOY dedicated to Napster and the fight for fiercely independent art! Watch Metallica get whats comin to 'em! Also features Flava Flav, Dr. Dre and Eminem!



What the f*ck was that? are you gay or something? Screw you Metallica is the best damn band ever.

Shadow Flare's review

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that has to be the stupidest shit ever......

Its one thing if you insult all the rappers oput there but you crossed the line by putting metallica in there. Just to let all you eminem penis sucking whores out there that metallica has millions of psychotic fans who deserve to be in a mental institute and im one of them. SO WATCH YOUR BACK BEEAAAAAOOTTCCCHHH!!

one word for you

Pathetic.metallica always have and will make better music than you sorry ass excuse for music rape so fuck you

To the last guy...

I have no idea from what hole you just crawled under, but you my friend clearly have no brain, no taste and absolutely no sense of humor. This movie sucks in all of the above categories, and thrashing metallica DOESNT in itself make this art. I dont give a shit who made this movie and how "diffrent" his understanding of humor is. The fact is you need to stop insulting our intelligence by pretending you know something about a complicated issue like that of NAPSTER. Of course its about the money!!! What did you think- defending 25 years of work and reputation building of the METALLICA slogan is greed? WHO THE FUCK is your ignorant ass to call us zombies and faggots???!!!

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3.27 / 5.00

May 7, 2000
7:44 PM EDT
Comedy - Original