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Troma Studios presents an all new TROMABOY dedicated to Napster and the fight for fiercely independent art! Watch Metallica get whats comin to 'em! Also features Flava Flav, Dr. Dre and Eminem!


Disturbingest thing ever...

So far within the time I came here....Um...the audio was semi-funny. Everything else was pretty f*ed up man. Hahaha Eminem getting sat on was funny and Flava Flav or whatevthfk his name is was the only thing I seriously laughed at.

Didn't really like it

it was better than the first one, the idea was a good one but I didn't really like it, you could have done better with the idea and again you could've had something in the background, it could have had more in it, the main joke to this movie was the bit at the end where the guy got jizzed on and then dick slapped, you could have done that bit better, it was poorly done and I didn't really find it that funny.


Im sick of you stupid little fruits who cant live without downloading napster cuz its the only thing you have in life dissing metallica. Have you ever tried actually making your own music. By the way Eminem is talentless all he does he talk really fast. Dude you are a freakin loser. That was so stupid. It took a real genius to come up with the idea of dick fu. really smart dude. Your such a hoser. to all you anti metallica jackasses. STOP BITCHING!

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your a fag

Pros and Cons
-3/4 of metallica doesnt really care about the napster issue only lars does. If Your gonna do a flash about someone do some researsh you dumbass.
-Most of that was gay with the dick-fu
-terrible graphics
-cant believe this didnt get blammed yet
-how would you feel if someone stole your stuff every day?, your sweat and blood just waiting to be downloaded for free
-napster messes up the economy if this keeps up your gonna find yourself eating your own crap
-all those artist in your flash were dishonored
-your a fag you could atleast changed the dick fu common really fighting with your dick thats gay to the limit.

-you havnt got your ass kicked yet
Overall: 0 you should never make fun of people in flash. Flash is only meant for entertainment not to piss people off u ass.

Screw off.

This is so gay I can't believe I thought it was funny at first. What the hell? He is using his ultimate masturbating power? You should die.

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3.27 / 5.00

May 7, 2000
7:44 PM EDT
Comedy - Original