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Troma Studios presents an all new TROMABOY dedicated to Napster and the fight for fiercely independent art! Watch Metallica get whats comin to 'em! Also features Flava Flav, Dr. Dre and Eminem!


"Gave me a good laugh"-Lenin

LOL! That was some fun shit! The art is good and the dubs are ok. The music makes a good background effect. "Napster Rulz!" movies usually suck or are just plain dumb. This is plain dumb, but unlike most crap on the web, it's impossible to stop laughing to it! I've watched it a few times now and I still can't stop laughing! Good work! GO TROMA!

RATING: ***½/5 stars

NOTE: www.nopokemonallowed.com rulz as well.

fistula is a dumb dumb head

ng is full of offensive movies get used too it ..bitch

Good graphics, but it's disgusting.

I think there are a few obvious scenes that could have been done without, but overall this was pretty funny. What I like about it was that it's so damn immature, yet executed so nicely! There's a lot of shit on the Portal that's immature, drawn badly, the voice acting is crap and it ends up being a displeasing experience. This, on the other hand, while somewhat disturbing, is great: the acting is right on target, the graphics are great, the music really made the fight scenes funny. It's ok overall, but gross nonetheless.

I thought it was great!

It had action , passion, and most of all it was very funny i really enjoyed it. and sent it to all my friend..... Very cool.....

Kicked ass!

I love the incredibly huge cocks! Plus, fuck those Napster stealers!

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3.27 / 5.00

May 7, 2000
7:44 PM EDT
Comedy - Original