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code[28] - Mission Delay

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You are on a mission with unit 28. You have reached your destination and need to wait for the target to appear. Time to participate in some copulation with your distracting partner!

Getting the eye-patch toggle implemented took a little longer than I thought. I think it's better with it in there and was worth the effort. I had to adjust some hair animation so overlaying images wasn't obstructing. I also changed the surge box mini game to bang hero. I decreased the difficulty and length and incorporated simulation animation. I also lowered the music volume while playing considerably so the timing isn't off with the music. Anyway, hope you all enjoy!

Full Game (Patreon)

As always, thanks to all my supporters! You make this all possible!

If you'd like to support me so I can spend more time on my games, feel free to check out my support pages. :)

EDIT: Is anyone having trouble unlocking outfits after completing the mini games? I know that was an issue for some people in my previous game...

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Uhh why is she called 28 instead of 2B? I wouldnt think copyright or anything like that so I have no clue.

can you add arrow keys like yoko

For me at least the hit detection is really bad. I can not get the Bunny suit at all. I am not mad but I just want the game to be fair but aside from that it is a great game. ( I know you will not see this or get to it by I just hope you do). lol I just unlocked the bunny suit LOL.

How do I play the full game? and unlock the speed?

woah manamamanaama