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Haunted House

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So this guy comes along and submits a load of games... he replies to reviews talking about how and why he made the games... they're not the usual Newgrounds thing, they're educational... he picks up a few portal awards along the way though...

...then one day I notice one of his submissions... "that's funny," I says to myself. "I've got a game called Energise... I wonder what his one's like" I say.


"ullo, ullo, ullo" I says... "tha's not funny at all" I says "THAT'S MY GAME!!!"

Turns out that I wrote all but one of the games in this guys submissions list.
I never released them onto Newgrounds because technically I don't own them. I wrote them for a site called Planet-Science.com who buy most of my games.

I guess I should take it as a compliment.

So anyway, this is one of those games... I've just taken over this space as of 21st January 2003. Any replies to reviews before that were written by the imposter! Thanks Tom!

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ok very good game, looks like you spent tons of time on this, reminds me of another movie/game on here hmmmm, ok but anyways, it also reminds me of ghost n goblens, hehe anywasy great art, great gameplay, alot of text, but still a great game.


I liked the design of the main character. He was actually pretty cute! I like how your games are informative. Why make something about a haunted house in December? Who cares, I'm reviewing this in October. How lucky!

I love the little sounds. I still can't get that far. It's fine for an experimental game. I always want to see those. It could have used more gameplay. It was still unique.

While there's not much gameplay wise, it is very informative and I enjoyed reading the scrolls when I first played this back in the day.

For a very early game on Newgrounds, this is pretty good. There were a few errors such as the common misconception that vampires were always vulnerable to sunlight (that actually originated from the 1922 film Nosferatu and is not found in ancient/medieval lore on vampires) but the rest of the info is pretty much spot on. Nice job!

cool game

It was not the scary adventure game that I was expecting, but it was still fun and interesting. I think it's a great educational tool for children.