Shoulda Woulda Coulda

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Produced by me and my family for a 3 day film competition. Won honorable mention!

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Amazing story.

This was so good man wow haha

Think of toys as an investment. I bet it's those words that did it.

Words that stuck with him, leading him to think ahead about investing in plastics and collectibles as a teenager, instead of shootin' hoops at the playground.

I'm willing to bet his investments grew, as his collectables gained value. When he turned 30, his assets were worth more than ten times their original market price. His entire collection, years worth of treasure.

"welcome home".

Nice work

I love the story, the narration, the music and the ending! I'm a huge fan of action figures too, so it's always a struggle deciding if I should open them or not. :) A bit more movement in some places could have been better but it's a really enjoyable movie.