Speared On Justice - April Fools 2020

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Turns out humans can be used for more than just Dating or taking their Souls


  • Undyne model by Wo!262, ported to SFM by uWotinFokM8
  • Default Male (Artur) by Joe
  • Undyne's House by sakuraD28 and MagicalPouchOfMagic, ported to SFM by half5life
  • Undyne's Lance by Rafaknight, ported to SFM by Champion Plague Nexus
  • Night Vision Goggles particles by Zachariah
  • Metroid Prime Plasma Beam particles by Chaofanatic
  • Fireplace Particles by Tacoman
  • Song "Spear of Justice" by Toby Fox, from the little known indie game "Undertale"

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Best porn ive seen in a fat minute

This is great on so many levels.

"bring it on, BITCH"