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Street Walker

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*** ver.1.30 of Game should be updated on Oct. 5. Updating ERASES your savefiles! so...

-> How to back up your savefiles: Search your computer for sfs32.sol

The online location will end in ...\uploads.ungrounded.net\751000

The downloaded location will end in ...\???\streetwalker...

??? will be whatever location you've extracted the game into.

Note that the save files are IDENTICAL so can be moved between online and downloaded folders and still work. You can also move previous version save files forward to the current version. Be sure to copy ALL the .sol files!

You can download the current v.1.13 here if you prefer (Sorry link WAS broken):


There is also a Game Guide here with more details on the game:


version details:

1.13: Noblewoman story with: Goatman, Barbarian, Prison, new areas, Potion crafting...

1.00: Casual Mode added, Pregnancy, Settings Menu

0.90: Game released

NOTE: Sound can be controlled with '+', '-', and '0' keys OR the bottom-left clickable sound control. There is ambient background music only in the city on purpose so people can choose from their own collection or online during play.

You're a woman in a medieval city who needs to make a living. You can become a trader, a thief, or a farmer... or take the easy route and sell your body! Just watch out for diseases, muggers, police, and feminazis trying to ruin your fun. There are many working sex moves, clothing, items and locations to visit and I'll be adding more over the next few months as well.

The game auto-saves when you Sleep, exit or enter a sex event, Reroll your stats, and unlock certain bonuses.

I've been working on this game for over a year on Patreon. At this point the gameplay is mostly finished and I've included around 20 medals. There are 3 separate storylines completed: Peasant, Pirate, Noblewoman. October 5, I'll be adding the Chaste Nun. (Seriously, a Nun forbidden from having sex... well, vaginal... If I can get the idea working)

The game is FREE but you can donate on Patreon to unlock Bonus content.

$0: ALL events and sex-moves can be unlocked. 3 customer gang-bang Max.

$1: OK starting stats. Free Vambraces, 3 Health potions

$3: Good starting stats. Change Hair, Eyes,Nails during sex. Tally-Marks, $250 starting cash, +10% Attitude, Free Vambraces, 3 Health potions

$5: Great starting stats. Cum on Face, Cum on Back, Cum on Pregnant Belly, Female Orgasm, $500 starting cash, +20% Attitude, 9 customer gang-bang Max, Free Vambraces, 3 Health potions

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its not that great, i expected at least in some kind an improvement to the last game. but 2.5 for the effort and you didnt kinda deprove

SlingBang responds:

The gameplay is different from my other games. It's slower, and there is more text, reading, and management involved. I rarely make the same style of game twice as I need new challenges to keep up this hobby. Perhaps, you'll like my next game better!

Nice and funny game ^^

SlingBang responds:


Slingbang does it again!

SlingBang responds:

Hey Jaxxxs, nice to see you're still around!

Like it so far just wondering how exactly do you abandon your kids, and can the lizards, and orcs get you pregnant? Also, clothing that gives you a boost in stealing would be nice the downside is it could have a negative that makes it so where you have a higher chance of getting caught by the guards at night. Also, still don't know how to abandon the kids in the new update

SlingBang responds:

Some features are available to Patrons a month or two early (like Abandoning your kids, Goatman and Barbarian Sex) but the game 'should' be updated on Newgrounds by July 6th so check back then. Just backup your save files first! Updating the game erases all the savefiles!

There are 8 child-types (so far): Black, Brown, and White Human, Lizard, Goblin, Orc, (and a Barbarian Human, and Goatman type in ver.1.11) Pregnancy chance is 95% in 4th week (will show up in 'Your Stats' when ovulating) Pregnancy options can be controlled in the Settings to the point you could be popping out a new kid once a month, if you wanted.

It's good or even great nah. just good

SlingBang responds:

Hey, 4 stars is the most goodest I coulda hoped for. Thanks!

Credits & Info

2.77 / 5.00

Apr 1, 2020
6:52 PM EDT
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