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Street Walker

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*** ALL my games are available to download and play Offline on my Patreon page ***

ver.1.30 of Game was Updated on Dec 7. This is the FINAL version (except for Patron requests) Game updates MAY mess-up your savefiles because of new content added, or your browser may arbitrarily delete them...

-> How to back up your savefiles: Search your computer for sfs32.sol

The online location will end in ...\uploads.ungrounded.net\751000

The downloaded location will end in ...\???\streetwalker...

??? will be whatever location you've extracted the game into.

Note that the save files are identical so can be moved between online and downloaded folders and still work. You can also move previous version save files forward to the current version. Each woman uses a different .sol file (a,b,c,d, E:easyMode) so you can copy the ones you want!

You can download the current v.1.30c here if you prefer:


There is also a Game Guide here with more details on the game:


version details:

1.30: Nun story finished with: Futas, Dog, Plantoid, Whipping and BJ sex-move

1.13: Noblewoman story with: Goatman, Barbarian, Prison, new areas, Potion crafting...

1.00: Casual Mode added, Pregnancy, Settings Menu...

0.90: Game released

NOTE: Sound can be controlled with '+', '-', and '0' keys OR the bottom-left clickable sound control. There is ambient background music only in the city on purpose so people can choose from their own collection or online during play.

You're a woman in a medieval city who needs to make a living. In theory you could become a trader, a thief, or a farmer... but it's more fun to take the easy route and sell your body! Just watch out for diseases, muggers, police, and feminazis trying to ruin your fun. There are many working sex moves, clothing, items and locations to visit. Play the 4 stories in order for best results!

The game auto-saves when you Sleep, exit or enter a sex event, reroll your stats, and unlock certain bonuses.

I've been working on this game for 18 months on Patreon. At this point the gameplay is finished and I've included around 25 medals. There are 4 separate storylines completed: Peasant, Pirate, Noblewoman, and Chaste Nun.

The game is FREE but you can donate on Patreon to unlock Bonus content.

$0: ALL events and sex-moves can be unlocked. 3 customer gang-bang Max.

$1: OK starting stats. Free Vambraces, 3 Health potions

$3: Good starting stats. Change Hair, Eyes,Nails during sex. Tally-Marks, $250 starting cash, +10% Attitude, Free Vambraces, 3 Health potions

$5: Great starting stats. Female Orgasm, Cum on Face, Shoulders, Back, Pregnant Belly, $500 starting cash, +20% Attitude, 9 customer gang-bang Max, Free Vambraces, 3 Health potions

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The link for download is broken, is this intentional?

SlingBang responds:

This happened on some of my other games too. Suddenly links not working. Logically, it is most likely that I accidentally deleted/replaced a file and forgot to update the link.

Thanks for letting me know! I have re-uploaded and the link should work now.

Medals: https://street-walker.fandom.com/wiki/Medals :)

* High Roller: 5 Points - Reroll your Stats 10 times: medal can be got as soon the Your Stats menu shows up, and the game saves after each reroll, it's not need to buy rerolls using medal points
* Masochist: 5 Points - Have an orgasm from ass slapping: medal fixed in 06/03/2021!
* Punching Bag: 5 Points - Get mugged 10 times: You get mugged randomly when looking around in some areas, and get more chance to avoid it by having pets with loyalty booger than 60%, and certain clothing, like weapons. The biggest mugging chance is in the Badlands, the Pungent River and the Pieter Rock (90%), followed by the Hidden Trail (75%), the Secret Trail (70%), the Bridge (50%) and the Slums (25%). Get this medal before get a pet dog with 100% loyalty, as a pet dog with 100% loyalty will guarantee an escape from all muggings (pet horses doesn't protect against muggings).
* First One's Free: 5 Points - Get Addicted to Drugs: available from the start of the Noblewoman story. Otherwise, just use pills frequently
* Hello, Burly Men: 5 Points - Drop your credit rating below 300 and get beaten by loan collectors: Borrow money from the Banker or the -Fancy Hotel-.
* Traveller: 5 Points - Unlock and visit all locations for current woman's story: locations available changes for each story: medal working OK for Peasant and Pirate stories, but apparently broken for Noblewoman and Nun stories.
* Lucky Find: 5 Points - Buy a rare (or better) clothing item in the Market: buy Peasant Headband, Pirate Glove or Swank Garter from "the Market > -Shopping- > Vendors > Clothing", for example

* Oh, the Feels: 10 Points - Have 3 female orgasms in one event: medal can be got as soon one event got Finger Vagina, Finger Ass, Slap Ass or Whip Back available, then just use such moves multiple times
* Cock Blocker: 10 Points - Deny sex 10 times: must give the command to do a sex movement, and the girl must refuse by saying "get off me" by lack of happy points, for example
* Psycho: 10 Points - Have female orgasm, then kill customer: you would lose the medal if you trigger it more than once in the same story, but medal got fixed in 06/03/2021!
* Serial Killer: 10 Points - Kill 10 customers: Remember you may be beaten or jailed by killing one customer in gang-bangs. To kill customers you must get the Poison Potion (got during the Noblewoman story - if you infiltrate the Castle - or the Pirate story) and equip a weapon, like the Pirate Claw (got during Pirate story) or Swank Dagger (can be bought in the beach in any story).
* Amish Paradise: 10 Points - Have sex on the farms 10 times. (Fixed in ver 1.11): having sex with more than one partner at once, or with no partner at all, still counts as just 1 time. Failing Steal Veggies events does not count.
* Bath House Babe: 10 Points - Enter the Spa and get paid to please all the customers: it's possible to get the medal by paying the barracks' doctor with sex during the Peasant story. Other than that, go to a Public Spa in West Quarter, Uptown or Hot Springs and then Seduce Men - be sure to got the mininum Health and Cleanliness required beforehand, so Take a Shower if needed. Medal apparently broken since 06/03/2021 (tested in Noblewoman story).
* Accessorized: 10 Points - Have sex with 30 different Clothing, Jewelry, Tattoos or Makeup items equipped: Medal possible in all stories. Example of setting:
01. Peasant Hat or Nun Coif (+4% avoid Police) or Pirate Hat or Swank Bonnet (+4% avoid Feminazis)
02. Peasant or Nun Headband (+1 Max Customers) or Pirate Headband (+3 Attitude)
03. Peasant Eyeglasses (+4% chance to avoid Feminazis) or Pirate Eye Patch or Swank EyeShades (+5% avoid Feminazis) or Tribal Mask (+100% Tribal conversion rate for Nun Story)
04. Peasant or Pirate Makeup (+4 Beauty. Costs $3 maintenance each day)
05. Peasant, Swank or Nun Shoulder, Pirate Puff (No Bonus) or Soldier Spaulder (+5% avoid muggings)
06. Peasant or Nun Sleeve Right (+2 Attitude) or Pirate or Swank Sleeve Right (+3 Attitude) or Soldier Vambrace Right (+5% avoid muggings)
07. Peasant or Nun Sleeve Left (+2 Attitude) or Pirate or Swank Sleeve Left (+3 Attitude) or Soldier Vambrace Left (+5% avoid muggings)
08. Peasant, Pirate, Soldier, Swank or Nun Top (+4% avoid Police)
09. Peasant, Pirate, Swank or Nun Bra or Soldier Breast Sash (+8% avoid Police)
10. Peasant Leg Wrap Right or Swank or Nun Stocking Right (No Bonus) or Pirate Boot Right or Soldier Cuisse Right (+5% avoid muggings)
11. Peasant Leg Wrap Left or Swank or Nun Stocking Left (No Bonus) or Pirate Boot Left or Soldier Cuisse Left (+5% avoid muggings)
12. Peasant Bottom, Pirate Pants, Soldier Shorts, Swank Mini Skirt or Nun Skirt (+4% avoid Police)
13. Peasant or Nun Crotch, Pirate or Swank Undies or Soldier Crotch Sash (+8% avoid Police)
14. Peasant, Pirate, Soldier, Swank or Nun Chastity (Prevent entry, if virgin, and 50% faster Female orgasm speed)
15. Pirate or Swank Glove (+4% Beauty)
16. Soldier Tasset (+5% avoid muggings)
17. Swank Garter (+1 Max Customers)
18. Pirate Claw or Swank Dagger (+10% avoid muggings, enables attack customers)
19. Pirate Cigar (+25% Lung Cancer?)
20. Hair (+0-5 Beauty. Costs $0-5 maintenance each day)
21. Nails (+1-3 Beauty. Costs $1 maintenance each day)
22. Earring (+1-9 Beauty)
23. LadyBug Ring (+4 Beauty when worn)
24. Moth Hairpin (+8 Beauty when worn)
25. Butterfly Brooch (+6 Beauty when worn)
Tattoos below scares away all clients in higher-class areas like the West Quarter, Uptown, the Beaches, the Village, the Monastery, the Hot Springs and the Palace!
26. Face Tattoo: Flag, Hooks, Knife, Swords or Tears (+2 Attitude)
27. Neck Tattoo: Flag, Hooks, Knives, Ropes or Swords (+2 Attitude)
28. Ass Tattoo: Flag, Guns, Hooks, Knives or Skull (+2 Attitude)
29. Pirate Side Tattoo (+4 Beauty. -5 Affliliation)
30. Pirate Back Tattoo (+4 Beauty. -5 Affliliation)
31. Pirate Shoulder Tattoo (Implies membership in Pirate gang. +4 Beauty. -5 Affliliation)
Other Shoulder Tattoos available only in the Pirate story and that do not scare customers:
- Captain's Star (No Bonus): Get conquested by Captain BloodLetter, which will happen some time after the story starts, soon after service BianTie twice
- Captain's Pet (10% higher sex prices): Properly service Captain BloodLetter after getting the Captain's Star
- Gang-Bang (No Bonus): Fail a pirate mission, then properly service the Pirate Gang
- Elite Gang-Bang (No Bonus): Properly service Captain BloodLetter and his friends during the respective pirate mission. Replaces Gang-Bang tattoo
- Specialist (No Bonus): Become pirate rank 8th or better (max possible pirate rank is 4th)
- Deadly Blue Star (+25% Escape Mugging): Kill BianTie in the Docks and Amelia's Barbarian in the Uptown Mansion during the last pirate missions, then talk to NeckSlicer in the Docks to finish the Pirate story and get the tattoo

* Can't Touch This: 15 Points - Avoid 10 muggings: There is a random chance to avoid muggings, increased by having pets and certain clothing, like pets. A pet dog with 100% loyalty will guarantee an escape from all muggings (pet horses from the Noblewoman story doesn't protect against muggings). In the Pirate story, the "Deadly Blue Star" tattoo can also help with +25% Escape Mugging. Medal apparently broken.
* Disease Collector: 15 Points - Get infected with all Eight disesases. Still counts if disease is cured: Do not vaccine against HPV or Hepatitis before getting them at least once. Remember Herpes and HIV are incurable once you get them, unless you use 35 medal points. It is easier to get diseases in areas sich as the Prison, the Bridge, the East Woods, the Badlands, the West Woods, the Lighthouse, Pungent River, Pieter Rock, etc..
* Cream Filled: 15 Points - Take 5 internal vaginal cumshots in one sex event: Orc and lizard cumshots didn't counted, but medal fixed in 06/03/2021, according the developer. Medal apparently broken for human cumshots since 06/03/2021 (tested Pirate, Noblewoman and Nun story).
* Vanilla Fudge: 15 Points - Take 5 internal anal cumshots in one sex event: Orc and lizard cumshots didn't counted, but medal fixed in 06/03/2021, according the developer. Medal apparently broken for human cumshots since 06/03/2021 (tested Pirate and Noblewoman story).
* Self Loathing: 15 Points - Change your skin color: go to the Beaches > Talk to NPC > Beach Bar > Accessories, then use Tanning Oil or Bleach Cream
* Self Improvement: 15 Points - Have cosmetic surgery 10 times: do surgeries going to a doctor in the Barracks, West Quarter, Downtown, Uptown or the Palace. It's possible to get anybody from 114 hips (maximum) to 89 hips )mininum) with exact 10 surgeries ($99 each surgery)
* Free as a Bird: 15 Points - Escape from Prison 5 times without being Beaten

* I'm Full: 20 Points - Take 5 internal oral cumshots in one sex event: medal was broken, counting only lizard, but medal fixed in 06/03/2021! Tested later in Noblewoman story and it's apparently broken again...
* Safe Sex: 20 Points - Do NOT spread a disease to 50 customers total. (Disease must be enabled in Settings): Get this medal before the "Disease Collector" medal if you are trying to get all medals in a single run.It's actually possible to get this medal without use condoms, by being protected by vaccine or the peasant's immune system or having sex with healthy customers.
* Attitude Adjustment: 20 Points - Raise your attitude by 50 points from Sex (Drugs not counted)
* Speciesist: 20 Points - Restrict non-humans from Vaginal, Anal or Blowjobs for 50 customers in a row. Medal won't trigger if you got more than 50 customers in a row before the medal got fixed.
* S-s-s-smoking: 20 Points - Steal a Cactus for Slippy to unlock the Cigar: Beware not to buy all clothing from clothing vendor Jimmy at the Market before Slippy give the mission to steal clothing. Don't steal veggies from the farm before completing Slippy's quest as it can break the quest progress. Medal sometimes broken? Because sometimes playing the whole Slippy quest (steal food from food stand > pickpocket from market > steal clothing from market > steal potion from doctor > steal cactus from gardener with Stealing 60) won't unlock the medal.
* 'Virgin' Birth: 20 Points - Get pregnant without being penetrated by any males: Get pregnant from a futa before having vaginal sex with any non-futa.Being penetrated by mouth or anal sex is ok. Medal easier to get during the Nun story by being pregant from Abbess.
* Bake 6 Buns in your oven: 20 Points - Give birth to six children in total: Medal apparently broken.

* Wrecked: 25 Points - Do 5 Orcs in one event: easier to get in the Nun story, when going to the Pieter Rock, since the orcs there can Whip Back to restore happy points when needed, orcs that can Whip Back can be found in other places like the farms in Noblewoman and Nun stories. Peasant and Pirate stories may requires high attitude, using pills and having vaginal sex that consumes less happiness points. Medal apparently broken since 06/03/2021 (tested Peasant story).
* Incredibly Obedient: 25 Points - You get pregnant when you're TOLD to get pregnant!: it's possible to get this medal from random encounters. Medal sometimes broken?
* Use, Infuse, Abuse, Vamoose: 25 Points - Have an Orgasm, get Pregnant, Kill the father, then flee without get caught!
* Special Diversity: 25 Points - Give birth to a child from every species in game (7 Total): The 7 species are Red Lizard, Blue Goblin, Beagle Dog, Plantoid, Human (Brown Human, Black Human, White Human and Barbarian), GoatMan and Green Orc. It is easier to get pregnant during ovulation weeks (check if you are ovulating in the "Your Stats" option). Beware that children may randomly die due to "poor living conditions", however there is nothing you can do to improve living conditions to prevent children from dying, not even live in the Palace, for example
* Wholey Holy Holes: 25 Points - Have sex 50 times with no penetration. (No Oral, Vaginal or Anal Sex). Medal apparently broken.
* -Future Medal-: 25 Points
* -Future Medal-: 25 Points

EDIT: Hi, glad I could help! I will update this comment if I find anything else!

SlingBang responds:

Hi Jeanoiz,

At first, I thought you were just posting how to get the medals so didn't read it... then, like a month later, I noticed your comments on some medals not working... so fixed them and re-uploaded the game:

Masochist: Thank-you for finding this error! I was halfway through adding whipping into this medal and forgot to finish! Medal triggers at exact second you orgasm. You pass if orgasm-trigger was whipping OR slapping. However, it will reset if any other move, like licking, fingering, sex triggers the orgasm.

Psycho: THANK-YOU for finding this error! I forgot to check if the medal was true before restarting it. I've fixed it now.

Cream Filled AND Vanilla Fudge: THANK-YOU for finding this error! It was even worse... the Lizards also don't count. I've fixed it so all internal cumshots count now.

I'm Full: THANK-YOU for finding this error! Only the Lizard mouth-cumshots were counting. I've added in the man mouth-cumshots now.

Incredibly Obedient: This medal was much trouble to code as multiple males can cum at the same time and there was no way to know which got you pregnant. So, there's multiple checks going on and sometimes it passes or fails the medal incorrectly...

Thanks again for helping. Error-checking is hugely time-consuming so I appreciate any help!

game doesn't load sadly i will give it 3 stars though because it's probably a good game

SlingBang responds:

Thanks! If the Newgrounds Player doesn't work for you, try downloading the game:

You can play it offline using internet explorer or download the Flash Player:

i will try it

SlingBang responds:

Hope you like it!

Fun game! I haven't gotten very far yet, but I wanted to back up my save. I cannot for the life of me find it! I searched the system for the file you described to no avail, even searched for the folder! What am I doing wrong? Would you be able to have the full hypothetical address?

SlingBang responds:

You might not be able to search the save files on a phone or tablet or on a Mac. I don't know since I don't use them for games, BUT on a windows computer the files should be findable. Here's a screen shot from my computer: