Untold story ~Rapunzel~ [720p]

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This is the first work what I did on the new for me render engine. In general, it was a small experiment in which I tested a number of new features and rendering speed. This is a small part which in the future it is possible to get an expansion in the form of several new expositions and a finished ending and a small story. 


Voice acting:

Rapunzel - SilkyMilk



A small animation dedicated to the beautiful Rapunzel and the thief penetrating her tower Flynn.

1080p on my patreon: https://www.patreon.com/posts/35255685

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Where's the free robux?

See. If you were not such a douchebag who thinks slapping a girl is fun, you could have finished inside her tight little body. But no, now you have a pissed off girl who has already given you a frying pan related TBI and blue balls to contend with.

Elsa is more hotter than Rapunzel

I sure loved playing a Voyeur. Beautiful sex. Yeah, I dont like slapping either. lol

Persona below me must of never watched the movie. Body is fine. Very good animation

Dezmall responds:

By the way, this is my first animation that was more duration than 10 second loops that I did on Blender. Now the 3d model of this character has received a number of changes someday I will get to it and do something else. Maybe after Frozen 2.