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Upon solemn reflection and countless messages of "why I no can fuck steam ghost?"

I have now made Steam Reavers temptable in CK4.

The tempt rate is 0.000001%.

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I tried it like half an hour before noticing this was written in april goddammit

How many times did You do this to get the scene?

It's not impossible for the above rate to be implemented, but to have a 90% chance of encountering the tempt scene would require over two million attempts, while 99.99% would require almost ten million, and I for one don't feel like investing multiple years to making the attempt.

The genius of using this as an April Fools joke is we can't actually determine if the statement is accurate without either spending years grinding away at this or hacking the game.

Though it would be nice for it to be implemented with a decent chance.

When horny level is too high.