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Mew game POV

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Pretty meh, honestly.

This is by far the best game or demo you made! Even better than "Bowser!!", the expression, the animations, the X-ray(thanks god you never removed that feature), the character options, i would love to be able to support you with Patreon, but my currency is not UsDolars.
Hope to see more from you!

Overall this was a fairly good animation/game. Remember, these are my opinions and I am entitled to how I feel. If you feel differently, that is more than okay.

Some good things I can say about this are that there is an incredible amount of detail put into the characters themselves. The ability to have them cry or not cry, the ability to see them sweat or not sweat. Being able to swap between having it seem like something that may hurt or seem a little forced with the grimaced expression and visibly gritted teeth, as well as seeing a smile whether it be a confident or an unsure one from the act about to take place, even to just a flat face slowly changing in to one that is obviously receiving pleasure but not necessarily showing it as compared to the others. These are some factors that I thoroughly enjoyed swapping between to see what could be combined and to find out which ones were the most enjoyable personally.
Another good thing I can speak about is the interaction between the personified character and the character receiving. With the connection and angling of the bodies from the camera's perspective, I think the connection between the both of them are very well displayed so kudos.
Lastly, the animation as a whole. Regardless of what character you choose, regardless of what size, regardless of the colors... it's animated smoothly. Whether you're in low or high quality, it's discernable and you're able to still enjoy the animation. The fluid motions of it actually made me more happy than with anything else. It's always wonderful to see art moving fluidly as if it weren't just art.

Now let's step into what I saw as not very nice. Right off the bat I noticed that the UI is fairly wonky. To the point it either becomes almost unusable or just straight out unusable. The biggest issue lying with the buttons to configure the character in front of you. It was poorly optimized. Trying to click some of the arrows to change ended up not even working at all and if you clicked the character changer too many times, it made an odd morph of the last two. This is easily fixable with some code to fix that configuration so it can cycle better instead of trying to stop at certain spots of the listing.
One of my biggest pet peeves is when there is hardly any effort put into the player character. I understand this was meant for the other character, but at the same time seeing what looks just like... circles put together. I feel like there could have been even just a little bit more detail in to this. Whether it had been by some shading or allowing toggles for sweat on the player character even, I don't know. But what it is currently just looks absolutely poor. Adding even just arms placed on the hips would have been some sort of improvement.
Lastly, what the player character produces after enough stimulation. Right, so guys get tired after their first or second time. They tend to produce less and less because their little production factory can't keep up with the pace they want to put it out. But even so, they still release some to a certain extent. Seeing the animation that there is clearly more being added, but not an increase in volume is deterring. It would be understandable if it began to actually leak out a little instead of being detained in that area alone. There is none of any of that. It wouldn't have to be some incredible increase of the amount put inside, however even adding just a little bit more size would be nice to see. Either that or I'm just not having the character go enough times to see a difference.

Like I stated at the beginning, this was a fairly good game/animation. I could see myself coming to play/watch it again, but it's definitely not something that has me hooked to come back over and over again.

This game keeps hard crashing. Like, my computer shits itself and fixes it by killing Flash. Can't play it.

This is amazing for several reasons. One of which being the absolute detail you put into it. The sweat drops, the tears, the eyes that track the cursor, the different outfits and expressions, everything is absolutely astounding. thank you for making this, and i look forward to what you can and will create in the future

Credits & Info

3.81 / 5.00

Mar 31, 2020
9:58 PM EDT

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