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Captain Freeman's animation showcase

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An early demo reel compiling some of my best work so far! I'll be tweaking and adding to it as I continue my projects. Ideally it would be all my best work, but I wanted to share how my style has evolved and improved over time. I hope you enjoy it! My Animations and games can be found on my Newgrounds page: https://captain-freeman.newgrounds.com/ My Animations and NSFW art can also be found on my Hentai Foundry page: https://www.hentaifoundry.com/user/theazrealfreeman/ Follow my Twitter for WIPs and guff: https://twitter.com/captainfreeman1 If you want to support me and my work, please donate to my patreon: https://www.patreon.com/azrealfreeman

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this made me question life but it's awesome (WHY DO THEY HAVE BIG BOOBS?!)

There's no weight to any of these blows.

I'd reccomend you practice some figure drawing and learn a bit of anatomy.
It wont change your style, but it will help you with keeping your proportions consistent and perspective. Windsor McKay who is known as one of the first animators said that was a regret he had, he learned the figure better.
The actual animation itself is definitely your strong suite!

Captain-Freeman responds:

Thank you for your honest feedback, it means a lot

I loved it! It was adorable and I really enjoyed watching it, honestly. Just goes to show how time can improve one's work! Keep it up <3