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How to Keep a Dragon

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Music (by Kevin MacLeod):


still pickin

behind the scenes:

this was our First full on Short flim project to be 

done fully CGI in Blender, it´s out our First one to use an animatic, it was done where i vocied them before we started animateing them

Also this was planned as timekiller Project for anothe Project of mine but,

lost Motivation working on that one so enjoy this one, what i do hope later this year is that.

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Great work! Really well done animation in general.
My only criticisms for the future would be to make the breast physics more subtle and to tweak the skin materials of the human characters. The skin looks too shiny and the subsurface scattering values are a bit too high. Probably increase the pin goal strength of the hair particles as well.

awesome keep up the good work pal

Lots of great work here! I will say though, the glossed look on the skin is super distracting for the human character. She looks plastic. Also, lighting up the characters in some of the darker renders would be rad! Overall, great work!

Yokomation responds:

Think i still gotta improve my subsurface scattering textures for the future.
Atleast it´s an update for me tho.

Also Bout Time some said somebody Look liked Plastic,
Means i can at last get into trying makeing something more realistic.

The weird plate thingies on her chest move so much it's kind of distracting. And her hair looks kind of weird.

Also I don't really think that you care but I kind of want to know what opinion you hold on modern paleoart, since I assume you must be *somewhat* of a dinosaur fan. Whenever I watch dino videos it just feels like people are either trying to turn dinosaurs into cute fluffy sparrows or into ugly abominations with snoods and warts like king vultures, or claiming that T-rex was a scavenger so incompetent it couldn't kill a fly, not because there's evidence supporting their claim that dinosaurs looked or behaved like that, but more because they want to diminish the reputation the Jurassic Park franchise built for them. Y'know, the bloodthirsty scaly monsters. I mean I know that their behaveyour and appearance were inaccurate, possibly even judging by what we knew about dinosaurs at the time when JP1 came out, but I still don't understand why they hate it THAT much. Or why they want to fix the public opinion on dinosaurs by making them as alien to what we know about them as possible.

Yokomation responds:

I really Love modern paleoart,
the Feathered creatures a better then anything and it would be nice to see them just as animals and the Way the are now and days the best so far but that´s beside the Piont,
I tryed to make her Plates Look good when her Boobs jiggle but, Tried everything and we just went with the way we did also, this is my first time doing this whole hair Thing as we always had it Static to start off with, but we´d like to Improve upon future Projects.

Credits & Info

3.14 / 5.00

Mar 28, 2020
9:56 AM EDT
  • Blender
  • Vegas Pro 13