Lara and the plants | KamadevaSFM

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voiced by SilkyMilkVoices

model by SmugBasterd

animated by "some dude I know" .

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tbh idk if she likes it... or hates it.

KamaDevaSFM responds:

Both but not with such strong feelings.

Like Seinfeld said "Great and sucks are very close together"
You can have sex ,its great but then you notice ,she has eye-boo-boo still on and its a big turn off
....was it great ,yea but it sucks tho xD

In conclusion: She likes the penetration (in all of my works) but she knows its not normal ;)
I just love emotional carousel in an act makes more space for personality. Its a bit to much text for a shorty but you get the idea ,I hope :D



awesome animation!