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Vertex Shifter

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A short puzzle game made in a couple days for WGJ 140: Shapeshift. Sokoban esque, but where your pieces lose vertices when they move. Only 16 levels at the moment!


  • WASD/Arrow keys to move a piece (Also move on the menu)
  • Space to switch pieces (Also select on the menu)
  • Z to undo, X to restart level
  • Escape for options/level select

Music: "Night Prowler" by section 31 (CC0), can be found here

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Got there!
Man Thoof, you can really make some intense games.
I really liked this one, especially the consistency in the mechanics making it so easy to pick up, but still leaving quite the challenge.
The count down mechanics on a grid actually got me musing about the idea of a game similar to othello, but with secret bidding mechanics, essentially a piece capture game where the pieces are laid out, but your not sure what value of piece the other player has placed, but since there would be a limited pool of pieces with set values you could make some of deduction.
I think having the pieces be able to move in given their hidden value, or perhaps a Shogi (Japanese chess, more or less) like capture mechanic, where your can score or use enemy pieces would be quite interesting.
Ah! Caught myself musing.
Thank you for making this.

I'm too dumb for this game, haha. I barely made any progress unfortunately: only got to level 6 when others are talking about level 10! I'm just too frazzled from other puzzles, I suppose. Still, it seems well put-together and challenging. Mechanics seemed very intuitive.

really addicting puzzle, only problem too short and after level 10 its just too easy and simple, the only really hard one was level 10

i dont know if i can post but here how to beat level 10 http://prntscr.com/rrvb3r

Level 10 was very hard for me compared to all the other levels. Kept getting 1 move away.
Very fun game though!

Nice aesthetic man, can't wait to see anymore from you, this type of puzzler isn't my type of thing but it still was fun.

Credits & Info

3.48 / 5.00

Mar 27, 2020
1:03 PM EDT