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SPACE - Jump

S (Hold) - Fall Faster (This makes all the difference)

Left Mouse or J - Shoot

Right Mouse or K - Charge

You can also shoot to cancel charge.


This is our first public game and it was made in 2018.

It was based on the book "Second Variety" by Philip K. Dick.

The cold war that isn't cold anymore has lead Americans to develop robots and flee to the moon, however, the robots got out of control and the Soviets have to fix the situation.

Music boy has his own profile: https://basedgas.newgrounds.com/

We plan on updating the game with a few more feedback sounds (like hitting an enemy and picking up vodka)

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papa stalin would be proud

This game is so good, it is a runner but with with a story in the background that motivates you to know the ending, it has good mechanics in it but controls are a little separate keyboard, and it would be nice to have an option to change the keys, because in this kind of games there is a lot of variation of tastes in this sense, in general a great game, also music is great

meh, not bad not great

Not a fan of endless runners, I find them to be all the same and kind of pointless. But this isn't endless, and it even has a pretty good story to it. I do have a couple of thoughts though for you.

1. The health and shield upgrades do very little for you except with the bosses, almost everything seems to kill you in one hit. That makes the bosses seem very unbosslike (except that they have much more life). Granted I did not upgrade those all the way but i was really hoping to be able to hit something and not die right away.

2. On those lines once you get some good upgrades on jumps and shots the bosses stand no chance. I guess what I am saying with points 1 and 2 is that the upgrades don't feel very balanced (yes I know the prices reflect that some).

3. I found the special difficult to use, especially as I could not charge while I was shooting. When I did get it charged I didn't find it very useful. I am assuming that you get the different specials if you only have 2 or 1 bar of vodka, I never tried the lower charges so I don't know what they do, I was too busy paying attention to the platforms. Maybe if there was an easier way to use the vodka. I would suggest killing the charge (you already charged by collecting vodka) and make it a single button push. Or make it really bloody useful.

I would love to see you expand the game a bit, and not just sounds, but some more levels would be nice.

Great job Keep it up!

Edit: Yeah! A sequel is cool too!

SuraimuStudios responds:

Thank you very much for the amazing feedback! We will take note of this and as soon as we get the time for it we will update the game with those ideas. However, regarding new levels, the game's code is such a mess right now that I would rather create a sequel for the whole game.


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3.31 / 5.00

Mar 26, 2020
2:22 PM EDT