gunslining warrior*final*

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What's up, this is the final version of this film. As always your comments and feedback are always helpful and will make future movies much more entertaining. I am awaiting purchasing a tablet for my computer as to forget the evils of drawing with a mouse. ;o) So by then things are almost garunteed to be much better. This is as well my first movie. I moved the title page to the beginning because I think that people thought that the movie was over when it came on... that and the timing was crappy so it took forever. So kick back, relax, and enjoy. It's not the greatest but I feel it soars above alot of the pointless crap on here.


Umm... ok.....

Well the only thing I can say to this is .... I've seen Cold Blooded Killer and compared to that, this stinks. But it is nice in a way. But never the less it was good for your first try. By the way I cant wait for Toad's Rage 9

it was clearly a noob job

dude i saw CBK and it was AMAZING but this was.....well a little ......less then that. but i understand that it was ur first film and now u r a master flash (dont know how the hell flash works tho)artist.

Was nice.

Short kinda japanese killing animation movie.

Dicks sanitary?
Does he clean up after bodies to?

mchawking responds:

haha oh it's a local garbage company... It's on all the dumpsters around here.

~Nate Johnson


im making a realy good animation and i need a skilled co animator as you, greatsaiamanz @ hotmail. com

Well done

I love all your work, I like the newer version of this better though ofcorse, keep up the good work.

mchawking responds:

thanks! Glad you guys are checking out the original. It puts a smile on my face watching this... then watching the new one!

~Nate Johnson

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2.87 / 5.00

Dec 29, 2002
3:07 AM EST
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