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<3 nice

Dude, I love cryptic mystery internet vids like this. I hope you make more like it in the future.

voifont responds:

I will, but I won't post them on Newgrounds.

This animation is definitely strange, but that's not a bad thing in this case. I like the cryptic/creepy tone that it goes for. Maybe I'm totally off base here, but I got some heavy religious undertones while watching and reading the backwards texts.


I thought this was a pretty good cartoon. I was really impressed by the animation. I admit it was kind of too short. The voice was kind of annoying too. I'm more used to hearing that from the Clocks. It's still quite watchable.

Lambs are just so cute. I didn't know this would win Daily Feature. Well, you can never tell. The colors (and lack of) were quite effective. Not good enough for a series though.