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wow that was pretty deep

Powerful video! I know this type of cowardly female too well. Committing the most heinous acts of cheating, bleeding men dry and then cowardly excusing themselves over the phone, not even having the courage to confess in a real converation.

I once had a girlfriend who told me that her periods are late, when I had a university exam. Needles to say I did very poorly on that exam. She didn't even have integrity to call me and ask if I can talk and and only then tell me the news. Thank God that was a false alarm. And thank God I was not driving then.

I had another cowardly girlfriend who insulted me in front of many of our close friends, making me look really bad, then just excused herself a few days later with a phone message. No - if you are truly sorry you excuse yourself in front of all the people in front of whom you spread your lies about me. Needles to say she didn't have courage for that and I didn't accept her apologies and we broke up.

Do not rely on social media too much, never read sms when you have some busy work going on that requires concentration like driving or doing an exam or whatever. Do talk to people rather then text them and do talk to people in person when you have anything of importance to say.

And most importantly never ever have close relationship with people who are cowards.