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Day 273 (Leap Year, Sister Found)

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I have yet to find myself


Walking and longing for another sound my ears fall from my head and listen to the ground


These single love letters to you now


As the entire world remembers who they are


We witness the beginning of time and space


Manifesting their will inside of this place


Transform and transcend this eternal faith


Return to earth


This kingdom of all that we are


The wall of our hearts


We find the genesis of our love


We return to our father's homes and reap all that was sown for us


Know that the weight of this world is falling down


We stand on solid ground as this wave pushes past us


We don't smile until other's feel


We don't live until other souls know they are real


Longing to live we embrace this world


We charge into the night


Feeling the light of the day most of our entire lives


I return to the darkness that gave me life


Still I know who I am without any sense of being lost


How did I return to where I am?



Break through perfections glass and broken mirrored image of self


Learn to know when to stop and continue


Break my fall as I fall in love with you


Contain my love and dopamine of you


I remember who you grew into as you grew older


I smile because you know all there is to know


So I walk a casual walk without fear in me


There is nothing I could say to say you saved me


Live with me as you free yourself


Break the barrier of all of hell

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2.56 / 5.00

Mar 25, 2020
2:14 AM EDT
Music Video