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[BTNverse] There is nothing here.

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If you want more of this, consider playing the sequel here (will upload on Newgrounds next week if all goes well): https://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/755829

There shouldn't be anything here

There is something here.

This won't do.

Get rid of it.


  • WASD/Arrow keys: move
  • Left mouse button (hold): shoot

Made in one day for #NothingJam

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From the very intro I knew that I would like the game.

The first time I've played it, for some reason shooting made the game lag. I've refreshed the browser and it was okay then.

Very well made, very FAIR, which is something I always ask for, and consider it the minimum that the creator should do.

Also, pretty powerful message. Damn, I would like to be that dude and destroy everything.

Good job, no wonder it's frontpaged

adriendittrick responds:

Glad you had fun in my power fantasy :)

I played and beat the second game first and really enjoyed it, and was confused when the third game was nothing like it. However, upon playing and beating the first game, I now know what that "BTNverse" in the corner means.
Well, I still don't know what the BTN part means, but I know what you mean by a "verse". These games aren't the same genre, but they tell the same story as part of a connected universe. This only make me curious what the third game is like based on the description I saw and what little I played, because if it has anything to do with these cosmic forces trying to destroy and recreate the world, I'm definitely trying again to see what happens there.
I swear I recognized one of the monsters in that third game here...

That's another thing, by the way. It was really satisfying going back to this game and getting that "oh, that's what happened!" feeling. Playing the character that ends up destroying the world in the second game is super cool. ^^

Of course, yes, this is all in retrospect. At the time this game was made, that second game probably wasn't out, so none of this would mean anything. But I mean, it's still really cool in hindsight. I can look back at this game and what it set up, right? :P

adriendittrick responds:

Thanks a lot for the nice review, most of what you said is correct yes :)
Also the BTN acronym stands for "Back To Nothing"

The soundtrack is amazing, is it on spotify?

adriendittrick responds:

Hey! it's not on spotify because I would need to go through a distributor for that and I really don't like the idea of giving a portion of my revenue to leeches like distrokid. However, you can listen to it all on Bandcamp: https://adriendittrick.bandcamp.com/album/prep-school-horrors-ost

I'm going to be a lil' honest: I got a lil' pissed because I didn't know how to defeat the fast and grouped enemies until I realized there was a puzzle element to it like what routes should I pick? Other than that I liked the small details (I'm trying to stop my habit of saying "lil'") and the twist at the end.

the soundtrack is the best thing in here

adriendittrick responds:

Thanks :)
You can listen to more of it here: