Azula's Assistance.

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hope y'all like me for this one, even though its short a good amount of hours was put into it, the ass physics might be unnoticeable but they were animated from scratch (i moved shit around till it jiggled) this model didn't have any jiggle bones which was a pain but no pun intended she's still pretty fire.

i don't do cum stuff a lot so if it looks like spiderman featured in this animation tell him we split the revenue.


Stay Tuned. Stay Lewd.

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Assfully Done πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ˜œ

@saggoo and MsLewd, i waould agree, the area around his penis is quite angular giving him a inhuman look, the clipping to hide the "cum" during the whole thrusting scene to show a realistic change is clever. The shadows and jiggle physics are beautiful. I noticed how unlike many people you give a sort of blurr to the face (great ahego by the way) to move the focus towrs the screen. The tecticular clipping is a bit dissapointing but seeing as this was done in but a "...good amount of hours..." I see it as exceptional! Great work!

The animation and physics are pretty good, but it looks like like he’s a dildo machine just thrusting against her pussy than a dude having sex

This was really good!

I am Spiderman, but I think you totally deserve the revenue <3