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Author Comments

Controls :

  • Move : Arrow keys or  WASD
  • Shoot : Left Ctrl, Space or Mouse left click
  • Restart :Left Ctrl or Space bar

For a smoother experience download the game on its itch.io page!!

Hey! Small update done, here is a recap of what's new :

  • Added health
  • Added shop and money
  • New ennemy
  • Added highscore
  • Fixed spawnrange

Let me know if you find any bug

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nice game, you could add some more content tho like more boats and also skins? or your boats changes into a destroyer ship or an aircraft carrier or a pirate ship dependng on the upgrades you get and buy

PurpleClam responds:

Thanks for your feedback I'll try to add more content in the future!

On some keyboards s(specifically Mac ones) Ctrl + arrow is a hotkey which does other things, including brinigng up the Dashboard. So its really hard to use Ctrl and Arrow keys.
And Arrow + Mouse is fairly uncomfortable.
Can you alls ASDW instead of arrows? That would make things muich better.

PurpleClam responds:

Hey thank you for telling me about this problem! I'll post an update very soon and make sure the controls are fixed

this game is really neat. the only things I would fix is the music. it good but really annoying if you play for a long time.

PurpleClam responds:

Thanks and I agree I'll try to fix the music in the near future

I can confirm that this game is boats.

No false advertising 10/10

Honestly great. A couple of times while writing this review, I went back to play another round, because it's so fun.

The ships and mines appear close to the edge of the screen (luckily never so close to you that you'd have no time to react), perhaps they should appear just beyond for realism, but it's fine.

I also like the ship variety, although I'm not sure if the larger ships are any better than the smaller ones. The galleons look intimidating but they are (seemingly) just as fast as the small ships, which just makes them bigger targets. I like the "ghost ship"/"Black Pearl" kind, too, even though at first I thought it's a bug (it's single-coloured, and there's way too much smoke). Perhaps the larger ships should have a larger health pool (if it doesn't ruin the game's balancing).

The best strategy to deal with enemies is probably to lure them into mines, since with a single health point, confronting a ship directly is very risky, because it's nearly impossibly to dodge a cannonball when you're sailing towards it.
After you collect a bunch of powerups, it gets better.

I feel like you could have fun with the sea itself – it looks too calm. I was going to suggest adding a wave pattern texture, or some fake waves animation, but that would perhaps make it too distracting, since you really need to pay attention to every object onscreen.
But something like an occasional maelstrom pulling nearby things towards it could be interesting.

The cannonballs don't seem to be spawned in the muzzle, rather below it, so perhaps you should adjust it slightly.

Sometimes it felt bad if I had a cheap death after a particularly good round when I had to start all over again and I thought this could work as an 'upgrade game' to prolong the playtime, e.g. the money earned from each round would be used to buy permanent upgrades for the ship.

Anyway, thanks for this, it's a great little game.

PurpleClam responds:

Hey! Thank you so much for your great review it's exacltly the kinf of feedback I'm looking for!

You're right the larger ships are exactly similar to the others for the moment. I might add some health mechanic to both the player and enemies to make rounds last longer in the future.

I love the ideas of making the sea less boring and of permanent upgrades and I'll look into it. I'll see if I post an update in a few days depending on reviews!

Credits & Info

3.35 / 5.00

Mar 22, 2020
7:42 AM EDT
  • Daily 4th Place March 23, 2020