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Seduce 'Em Up: Robin vs minotaur

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What's good my dudes. So we're back at it with the seduce em up, working on a brand new engine. In a return to her older adventures, robin decides to try to loot a minotaurs lair. I think we all know what is to follow

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So, I honestly see alot of your work and I wanna say something.

I think you could really suceed if you did a larger game

Captain-Freeman responds:

How large we talking?

i understand the OPM reference 5 stars

I enjoy that your humor shows through your games, whether it's NSFW or not! I'm also enjoying your constantly improving art style, as well. Keep pushing forward!

(Also, this was released on my birthday <3)

The ridiculousness of the Minotaur is fitting, dialogue is still quite entertaining, music is quite catchy. Now, I've seen several others mention issue with the art and I can see where they're coming from as you've so far been consistent with the recent I want to say 5 games uploaded here. But if I had to recommend things to reference it would be: things you like and where you want to go with those things. More specifically body types of the ladies as the men there is a bit less of a demand for the best looking guys out there.
To further elaborate on things to reference what comes to mind are typically actresses, 3D animated characters, along with studying general movement from both 2D and 3D animation. Because it seems like you have the men nailed down (for the most part) but the females though gifted, feel off with the proportions of their shoulders, thighs, arms, and torso. Like I have no trouble knowing that's supposed to be a lady, but the movements suggest she's a slime more so a human (there's a market for slime girls like that). But to the men, faces, expressions, muscle tone and the like are in place, the dongs could perhaps use a bit more practice or references be it physical or virtual as it seems most consistent but odd when at different angles. When looking at the Minotaur's scenes in this one, they vary in detail depending on which one you view.
One thing I think you can do in order to get more consistency in how you begin to better develop your character designs and things relating to it is to do what many animators do for the storyboarders: make a bible. Specifically, a character bible in which you lay out how they are supposed to look at different angles, various expressions, and other things to allow you and perhaps anyone to better understand what you are not supposed to do.
You got one thing down pat and it is the comedic writing which some struggle with. If you can make progress on the presentation in the coming months, I'm certain you'll go somewhere you couldn't think yesterday or next year were possible. Good luck and be safe, I look forward to the next game/animation I hope this helped.

it as pron awful it as a funny game great edit: I just dont like the art style other other wise its a funny game it's great

Captain-Freeman responds:

What makes it awful my dude?

Edit: that's fair enough my didr, glad I could make you laugh