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Moody Booty

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Right now there is a heavy Smiley Cindy hype in the air. I'm going to be so kind and give some fan service here!

Fun fact: This was made in only 24 hours.

You can download this piece, the soundtrack, gif loops & sound-effects-only version as a patron:


Thanks to those who supported me! Moans ain't that easy to get.

Animation made with Adobe Flash

Music made with FL Studio 12

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Edit: Nobody judge me but, I liked the song so much that I may have just joined the patreon to download it lol.. I love these little laughter parody nsfw animations a lot and especially the music :) just downloaded the game itself recently and its pretty good

Skashi95 responds:

It says it in the description: It's Patreon exclusive, sorry!

i like the yellow one

not a bad way to spend eternity
In order of the ones I like most it’s probably
Green red blue yellow

Yo dawg hot af 😍😍😍

Green and Yellow good :)