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18+ YCH Project (Hentai Game)

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Notice: Everyone is asking for voice acting, but I can't afford to hire voice actresses for each girl I add, and the file size would get way too bloated for flash to handle even if I could. I'm sorry, thanks for understanding.

After repeated recommendations from a couple of people, I decided to open an itch.io for this game. This way you can be up to date with any public build whenever they become available. I will also upload a standalone flash projector .exe of the game for you to play this game off the browser which might allow the game to run slightly smoother. It usually takes Newgrounds awhile to update the file after uploading, so if you can't wait, please try the link below.




-Power Girl added to YCH Project.

Schedule for next month will be flipped. Meaning everything will be delayed. Sorry, I signed up to have some fun with online EVO. I probably won't make it out of pools but please do cheer for me regardless.

I know I know, the world is a scary place... What with the coronavirus pandemic dropping us like flies. I'm doing everyone a service here! If you are inside touching yourself, you aren't outside contracting the virus. If you are touching your taint, you aren't touching your face. We all know how dangerous it is to touch your face during a virus outbreak. If anything, I'm a hero of justice and you should thank me!

Since December, I've been training on the Guyana Highlands to study Actionscript 3 and symbol nesting. Crafted from sheer love, anger, and all of my sorrow, I have returned to bring you the ultimate Czech Fantasy game in the making. I plan on adding a new waifu at least once a month.

You may of course commission me to add your own waifu for $440 USD.

E-mail: DocCursed@gmail.com (Commissions Inquiries Only)

The YCH Project Needs Your Support:


If you find bugs, please make them known to me. Thanks.

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will there be a a function for both oral and back
side at the same time

DoctorCursed responds:

Not a bad idea, although it might take some time until I consider it. I'm having hard enough time catching up adding blowjobs to each character.

Am I an idiot? I don't see the option for oral sex.

Edit: Thank you, turns out I am an idiot

DoctorCursed responds:

Not yet available for all characters.

really good, but i think music would be nice to have.

can you add the ability to hide a man during a Blowjob

Nice Ranma-chan was added, now if only Ruby Rose (rwby) was as well....lol