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Party Lineup (Remaster)

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This was one of our first remaster requests on Discord, and quite challenging given how old the animation is. A fairly new reward added for our Patreon supporters; check out the vr-remasters-you-want-to-see channel on our Discord to request a remaster of your own. It's first come first serve, one at a time, so get your request(s) in now!

Giving credit where it's absolutely due, thank you to Luriam for the sound. Luriam is always very patient with my demands on what I want for sound, and keeps coming through. He's the master! And although he's no longer working in SFM, thank you to Fluffy Pokemon for trusting me with his babies back when I was still new to the scene and didn't know what the hell I was doing. It's artists like him that have helped me to get this far. Head over to the studio page at VR Porn to see more of our fantasy smut!

  -Dark Zalivstok

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I really really like this. I love the fact that it's doggystyle. I wish it were anal. What I actually want to give credit on is not being basic. You could've chosen to simply have them all get fucked at the same pace, but instead you went the realistic route. If you watch any orgy right now the girls are getting fucked at different speeds. That stood out. I love the way the cute one with the pigtails got slammed as did the one on the other end while the two in the middle got fucked faster. The voices are decent. Some of the movement looks awkward, but no so much that it takes you out of it. The camera footage also showing them getting fucked in the movie was a nice touch.

Honestly, I only really have to criticize the length. I realize as an artist you don't owe us anything, but it's a shame to see teaser trailer like length of video. I mean every now and then it'd be nice to give your viewers a fuller scene. It's hard to get immersed in something that only lasts a few seconds which is why I absolutely hate loops. Loops are good for testing and can be great, but they'll always just be loops. This is a glorified mega loop. Only it's more like a "Linear Loop" It's not a loop, it's loop length. It's the "Loop Length Linear Anti-Loop."

I wanted to just say once you watch you see the advertisement stuff come up you see the clip then you see the stuff again and it's cluttering and distracting. By the time you get through the video you feel like you've watched a promotional trailer and you lose the content. I feel as though you are so good that more is expected of you with that type of quality. I just feel like you're capable of building motorcycles, but you're getting by with simple bicycles. Nothing wrong with bicycles, but motorcycles are better.