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Chat Cafe

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Earn as much money as possible as you fulfill various orders from your customers! Then, use that money to upgrade your shop in the pursuit of new recipes and profits! If you work hard enough, perhaps you will be able to pay off those pesky loans.

Now updated to its final version with new features like saved games, additional upgrades and more, as well as a number of fixes to bugs and balancing issues.

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This is a fun little game with just the right amount of challenge, BUT I wish it was longer! I did the whole thing in an hour.

chat cafe are back in japan

Honestly, incredibly basic. It's got a little of a lot, but that doesn't make it fun in practice. It's essentially supposed to gave you an increased reward for tackling the more complex puzzle categories, and it does. But it doesn't balance that with how fast it is to type "AAAEE" real quick versus waiting ten seconds for pay, or even selecting the four cookies. It's just more rewarding to do the thing you know you can do in less than a couple seconds when possible, which for me was the words/scrambles. Then just keep a couple timer orders running in the background and you never run out of easy money when you get the opportunity.

Then there's the upgrade issues. You can expand your queue and the speed at which you gain customers, but what's the real point?? It's not like I was especially struggling with empty space in the first place. I can't upgrade how many orders I process, and even if I could, most of them require me to be hands-on. As the game goes on, this means it become less about needing the upgrade and more about wanting to buy literally everything even when it's wasteful. It also doesn't give you any satisfaction or anything in-game to actually benefit you.

The controls aren't very intuitive, either. It seems helpful to make it accessible with Space and number keys. It might be for some, but for me it was just getting me mixed up, especially when some things worked with the quick keys while others didn't. I can serve coffee and baked goodies with Space, but not cookies, and scrambles finish automatically. You're also never told you can just mash Space to fill up your work space instead of clicking on guests, which completely changed my play style.

oposdeo responds:

Agree with a lot of this. We had a somewhat limited timespan to make this. I really appreciate the detailed feedback!

Its a nice game, but I wish there were more upgrades. after a certain point you get everything