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code[SAM-S] - Space Intel

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Samus needs to know the location of the space pirate base. What will it take for you to tell her? ;)

EDIT: Thanks for all of your feedback! I will most likely fade the music out for the surge box game due to the timing issues. Later I will try to sync the timing. I will also increase the size of the boxes a little bit.

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~Full Game (SubscribeStar)

I tried experimenting with a couple new mini-games to unlock costume content. I am happy with the surge box mini game but I don't think I will be keeping the slider puzzles in the future. I had it coded in and decided to try it out. As far as the surge box mini game, I think I'll be incorporating simulation animations instead of separate animations to save time. Either way, let me know what you think!

Btw, a tip on the slider puzzle... start with the top row, than the second, the the bottom left and the one above that.

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cool puzzle. took me 30 minutes and a lesson on how to solve slide puzzles

how do i play?

i cant get the slider puzzle can anyone help???

yeah gotta say the surge box game is a little or should i say major trash cause i didn't even get the reward after it and plus they are delayed you click but sometimes it does not even render it

thats all i have to say

Finally I beat the surge box. You just have to make sure that the white squares are actually in the box which kinda throws it off. I missed like 5 notes/boxes just before the minigame ended so I think that's the maximum you can miss