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The keymaster

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Author Comments


  • R: restart level if you get stuck (very important)
  • WASD/Arrow keys: move
  • S/Down: pick up key / drop key
  • Space/shift/left click: hold to tilt key
  • F4: fullscreen (windows only)

What is this?

This game was made for the GMTK jam 2019, with the theme "only one". What I made is a metroidvania where you only have one key for all the locks. You must carry it with you through a maze-like dungeon, and upgrade it along the way to unlock more metaphorical locks.

Here is a map in case you get lost:


The story:

You're in search of the legendary Keymaster who will save the world. But upon arriving in his dungeon, you only find his most prized possession, the master key. It can open any lock and can be upgraded with various musical clefs which you will find along the way. Albeit twice your size, the key can be easily carried because it is made of carbon fiber mythrill, the hardest but also lightest material known to man. However, you must account for its huge size when moving around, turning the dungeon into a puzzle.


  • Puzzles
  • A fully-backtrackable dungeon
  • 14 rooms
  • 3 unlockable powers for your key
  • 10 jewels you must collect to reach the ending
  • Music from "The horrors before our time"

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1. The fact that you can retrieve your key from the orange blocks at any time should be shown in some way
2. Make less of the platforming tight. The spring power can help, but it leaves you without your key (unless you manage to use an exploit and get your key while jumping). A lot of the sections (Especially the path to the smash power and some of the end sections) feel way harder than they should be simply because the ceiling is too low a/o the jump is a 3-wide gap with a mouse in it.

Otherwise, it's a pretty decent platformer.

adriendittrick responds:

Thanks for the thoughtful review!

me: gets to that part at the end with the vines

Here's My Review Of The This Game (Spoilers Ahead, By The Way): Game Mechanics: 10/10. The Mechanics Start Out Simple. Unlock The Doors Using The Key. BUT As We Progress, New Mechanics Get Shown, Such As The Upgrade To Get A Higher Jump. They Also Allow The Player To Get The Blue Gems. Plot/ The Story: 8/ 10. There Really Wasn't A One. Just A Simple Explanation Of What's Happening... But That Explanation Is Great. Also, I Like The Twist At The End. Music: 10/10. I Actually Play Without It, But Just So That I Could Review It, I Turned It On, And, Well... It's Great! I Think That's All I Can Review... Also, I Found This Little Glitch (I Call It The Up-Down Glitch): If You Spam The Up And Down Button... Something Happens. That Something Actually Allow For A Huge Skip In Lava Zone-2 (I.E. The One Witch Comes Right Before The Place Where The Spike Upgrade Is). Just Stand On The Key Spawn Place And Mad-Spam The Up And Down Buttons. You'll Skip The Whole Staircase Filled With Mice (You Can Also Use It To Make The Platforming In Finale Zone-2 More Easy)! There, That's All!

adriendittrick responds:

thanks a lot for the thoughtful review :)

Very clever concept! While the game is not gonna blow anyone away graphically, it delivers a really satisfying and unique puzzle experience! Can sometimes be a little frustrating to make your way through the level with the key since some moves with it are a bit unintuitive, but once you get used to it, its a fun challenge. I liked collecting the power ups and figuring out the spots to use them in, and I especially liked the design of the levels where the exit of a zone is built to have a shortcut specific to the power. Solid Metroid design!

adriendittrick responds:

Thanks for reaching the end :)

Fun little game. It's interesting to collect the power-ups and fun to solve the puzzles. None to the point of pulling your hair out but still tricky enough to make you think. Only criticism I have to give is for the music. It's loop is strange and the transition between the key holding song and the no key song could be a bit smoother. All and all, good job

adriendittrick responds:

Thanks for the thoughtful review :)
I agree that transitions could have been worked on, yes!

Credits & Info

3.64 / 5.00

Mar 10, 2020
9:25 AM EDT
  • GameMaker Studio