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Vestavia Hills

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Lucky Shot 5 Points

Land a Critical Hit

David and Goliath 10 Points

Take Down a Behemoth

A Matter of Endurance 25 Points

Survive to Wave 20 in Any Difficulty

Bob and Weave 50 Points

Survive an Onslaught on Nightmare Without a Weapon

Author Comments

Use the Mystery Box (bottom left of the map) to get Weapons

Use the Health Station (in the central room) to regain Health

Enter to Pause

WASD for Movement

Mouse for Aiming

Left Mouse Button to Attack

Right Mouse Button to Interact

R to Reload

G to Drop Current Weapon

Number Row or Scroll Wheel to Swap Weapons

Vestavia Hills is a Hotline Miami inspired zombies arcade game. This game is no longer in development.

Like the music? The soundtrack is available here!

Also available on my home page here.


Version 0.95 (4/15/2020)

+ Added Barricadable Windows

+ New Death Effects

+ Can Now Drop Weapons, Press "G"

+ Added Grayscale Shader Effects

+ Added "Nightmare Onslaught", with Custom Theme

/ Made Behemoths Much Easier

/ All Enemies drop More Money

/ Changed Many Weapon Stats

/ GUI Render Bugfix

- Removed Some Splash Screens

Version 0.88 (4/7/2020)

+ Added smoke particle effects

/ Being buzzed now makes melee crits more likely

/ Enemies move slightly faster

/ Behemoth drops much more money

/ Fixed single-based reloading bug (sorry!)

Version 0.821 (3/19/2020)

+ Added weapon discarding (press "O") (edit: see Version 0.95)

/ Fixed invisible sprite bug when reloading

Version 0.82 (3/18/2020)

+ Added cigarettes

+ Added two medals

+ Added scoreboards for wave survival

/ Changed Pause Button to Enter

/ Completely changed how weapon stats are stored, now much easier to add new weapons and such

/ Mouse is always locked now, uses in game cursor

Version 0.81 (3/16/2020)

+ Added Random Critical Hits

+ Added two Medals

/ Melee weapons now vary in knockback

/ Player flashes when out of stamina and trying to attack

/ Fixed Ammo Pickup Bug

/ Fixed Player Attack Animation Bug

/ Rewrote how stats are stored

/ Fixed memory leak with player rendering

/ Enemies on harder difficulties have slightly less health

/ Enemies drop more money, and different enemies have different money amounts

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this game is so good, it´s a shame you didn´t update it anymore :(

MD-Wade responds:

A sequel is in development!

i really love this but the cursor keep sticking in 1 place. NICE GAME THOUGH!

MD-Wade responds:

Sorry, there were some caveats included with mouselocking in an HTML5 game. I didn't write the extension for it so I have no clue how to fix it.

i love this

MD-Wade responds:


very good game

MD-Wade responds:

Thank you!

bro this is game is super addicting i hope theyll be more bosses added

MD-Wade responds:

Hi! This game is no longer in active development but a sequel is planned. Thank you for your support!!

Credits & Info

3.84 / 5.00

Mar 9, 2020
7:39 PM EDT
  • FL Studio 20
  • GameMaker Studio 1.4