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Dragonball Uncut - Goku Black x Mai [Tumblr Era][Classic][CK]

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Huh! hey... wait a minute...

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Oooh so thats How mai lived..

Who's the voice actor? I need to know for my research thesis

No... no... I can't not point it out! You have done it! FINALLY! Someone actually put a tag on clothing and panties of all things! I love that. Yes the sex scene was decent. Yes you made a great environment for them to fuck in, but I am more impressed with the tag on the panties, the fact that her panties are hanging off her foot and the bounce of her bra with her tits! THIS is creative diversity! This is what little things can do to make a difference in art!

This is anything but same old shit. I like it. And the panties are not just stuck to her foot, THEY ARE BOUNCING too while hanging over her foot! Awesome.

ZanjiVision responds:

Thank you so much, I try to make it detailed and with care. This one is one of my older works, I hope to be better in the next one.