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Pokemon Darkful- Jessie - TeamRocket

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Jessie gone wild :3 I hope you like it:

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really hot nice animation dude but seems like its lower quality then the misty one, though it does have more in the background. keep up the pokemon girl ones

ZanjiVision responds:

Thank you so much, yes this one is older but I am still growing. I hope the next one is even better.

Boring short and poor quality, She doesn't do much and the sound effects are incredibly awkward and off putting

ZanjiVision responds:

Response to your first comment that was : "It's shit"

Maybe you should clean your glasses then, I didn't made this for you, I made this for those who value quality.

Edit : Response to your current comment :

Now you decided to edit your comment to give critique instead of a self projection. The last comment was immature and not even close to criticizing. I don't agree with what you are bothered with since I am still a beginner. I create my animations for those who value quality, and it's alright that you are not on that boat, to each their own. Nevertheless I am still learning and growing and try to be better every time. [HD version is available on my patreon].Thank you for your feedback.

im confused as hell

ZanjiVision responds:

Thank you!

just how i like it

ZanjiVision responds:

Me Too!