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Mahou Mating (Demo)

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An average man wanders the streets one night to suddenly find two magical girls fighting. He gets hit by a stray spell, and finds himself granted strange magic powers.

However, the magical girls want this new magic for themselves. They abuse him, and selfishly drag him into their quarrel for power.

The unfortunate man harbors a burning hatred for the greedy pair. His magic powers grow, and before long, he enacts his vengeance with erotic mind control spells...

These magical girls will taste justice via brainwashed sex!


  • 4 unique endings
  • 20+ CG
  • Full English Voice Acting
  • An Original Soundtrack
  • 1080p HD Resolution


Wishlist the game on Steam!


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Can you please upload the full version of Demon King Domination and this onto newgrounds for people that do not have the money to buy it? This demo and the demo for Demon King Domination are both very good demos

this game is awesome i like noire better i wish they would release a full version on here!! i loved it noire got me to have 4 orgasms after watching it 3 times meanwhile ruby only 2 i loved the art

The text isn't slow like most games and there's cunnilingus unlike most games, I'm so happy :) thank you!

Not a bad intro sequence! A pretty solid start, considering the premise. I'd love to see more explanation about why magic has been revealed in the world in the first place, and I'm curious to see what kind of game you could make out of this premise. More girls, a skill tree for the protagonist, maybe a couple of training minigames... This has potential.

is nice to see voice acting in these kinda games, it could really use some animations instead of still images, the artwork could be better. thanks for adding the skip option for unseen text.

Credits & Info

3.65 / 5.00

Mar 8, 2020
6:11 PM EDT
  • Ren'Py
  • RenPyWeb