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A #7DRL entry about indirect combat using laser beams. The goal is to kill all the enemies by collecting the stars which produce a laser beam. The direction of the laser beam depends on your direction of motion. Killing enemies as fast as possible is not the best choice, as the score depends on the combo value shown at the bottom of the screen. The bigger the combo the higher each enemy score. The highest combo value is 5 which will produce lasers to clear the whole playing field.

The game is inspired by the awesome games of @TomSennett​:​ Ultralight Beam​ and Deepak Fights Robots​ :)

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Neat little game! Made it all the way through and enjoyed myself by setting up awesome kills. Enjoyed the multiple varieties of enemies you had to contend with. The mechanics can be a little confusing at times though and could maybe use a bit of tutorializing. It wasn't immediately apparent that the laser would spread out into the adjacent rows/columns: perhaps a damage indicator when you are next to a star could help. Also I loved setting up double/triple/quadra kills, but the combo system didn't seem to reward this as a quadra kill only increased the combo by 1 instead of the supposed 4. Anyway, had a nice time!

amidos2006 responds:

Thanks a lot for trying my game :) so the laser cover your tile and one tile extra on both side (helping hand). The combo system doesn't depend on killing enemies, collecting stars will increase the combo and the value of the score depend on the value of the combo not how many enemies in that kill :)

Once I click outside the game there's no way for me to give focus back to the game and I have to refresh the browser

amidos2006 responds:

Sorry about that, I don't know why is that happening but I will try to fix that :) Thanks for the feedback :)

Very good, but i'm very bad playing :P

This is a neat concept for a game. Unlike other games, where they punish your lack of agility, lack of perception or simply punish you just because the're cheating pieces of sh..t, this one punishes your impatience. It's possible to reach far more than 100points easily... If only you take your time at each move, but of course the instinct is to move along fast, and that's your doom every single time. It's almost a reflex to make another move fast and to win at this game is to take control of that reflex... Which is next to impossible.

Awesome game! I had fun playing it! My current daily rank is 6.