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Lure: The King's Gold

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Author Comments

Now you can create your own maps! read description below!

Hey everyone! We have a very important message to you! We just released a free to play version of "Lure: The King's Gold" for desktop, Windows platform. And we included level editor with it!

We want everyone to use the level editor and send one map made by you to us (paulius@moorlandgames.com) and we will add your maps to the final release of this game, which will also be free to play!

Here's a video on how to use level editor:


And here is a link to download a pre-release of "Lure: The King's Gold":


Or you can use web-based level editor which is uploaded to Newgrounds here:

More information about this project in this article:







move: WSAD or arrow keys

hit: C

throw spear: V

pause: ESC


move: arrow keys

hit: K or NUMPAD 2

throw spear: L or NUMPAD 1

pause: P

bark: O

More about this game:


Note: This game will save your progress automatically. When you open this game for a second time, hit continue button in the main menu and you will be transferred to the same place where you finished last time.

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the game is fun but the last boss has some poor attacks. its impossible to dodge attacks in phase 2 when the skeletons apear unless you glitch out of the group of skeletons. and the main attack goes on too long whih means you can only shoot for maybe 2 secs before having to doge again. i truly belive the final boss is impossible to beat

Really fun game! It didn't blow me away at the beginning, but I ended up having a ton of fun! I really liked the concept of gathering up weapons from the environment while dodging enemy fire, and then firing back yourself while running around like a madman! The goofy story was great and made me want to keep going just to see what insanity would be next.

I do feel like the levels were designed in a bit of a weird way where the really good stuff (boss battles) is kept at the very end and it peaked a bit too early upon reaching that. Just as I was getting a little bored from the normal levels, suddenly it introduced that super cool cannon boss that was incredible to fight! I expected that to actually be the ending, but then it introduced a boring castle afterwards, only to suddenly have another super boss, and so on! Maybe sprinkle the bosses in a little earlier to hook and space them out a bit more to keep the player going (though you do have an alright hook through the story with the whole princess business). Also, I felt like the whole 'like for 200 spears' was really weird and unnecessary as I didn't want a way to cheat around the interesting core mechanic of tactically gathering ammo myself.

moorlandgames responds:

Thanks for the great review! we appreciate it :)

I went from "what kind of stupid game is this" to "oh wow, that's really fun!" very fast. Reminiscing of 80s arcade games with good gameplay. It's also making fun of the hero trope in a good way. Only the soundtrack is getting a bit annyoing with time.

moorlandgames responds:

We are glad that you started liking this game, that's true we could have made more music tracks :)

This was a truly charming and quirky experience.

The design of this game is ultimately pretty original. The actual mechanics and progression really make me think of an 80's arcade game. The simplicity of the systems in place makes the game easy to learn, but moving fast enough to take down cannons and bosses later on can be challenging.
While everything fits together pretty well, Lure is by no means free of problems. By far the biggest setback in this game is the sticky, jagged hit detection. When moving around any object, such as the trees or rocks, the old man tends to get stuck on the edge, making it more difficult than it should be to avoid projectiles. There was even a time I was hit by a cannonball and was knocked into the geometry of a river, unable to move. Luckily this didn't detract from the flow of gameplay much and allowed me to enjoy the whole campaign. Lure depends largely on fast reflexes, especially in the later levels. Some have said that the boss battles are too frustrating, but I didn't experience much of a problem. The most times I ever had to replay a level was maybe 4. While the timing is tight and the hit detection can make for a frustrating experience, the bosses are fairly well balanced for what this game is.
Aside from the mechanics being fun, this game's aesthetic design adds a lot of personality. I love that the main protagonist is a simple old man who just wants to stay at his hut and fish. It would have been easy enough to make another generic, brown-haired young guy be the placeholder character to experience the game through, but the extra details of the old man's long grey beard and frail appearance help to emphasize the comedic tone this game carries not only in its writing, but also in its in-game assets. Aside from the comically jaunty action music that plays during every level, the animated running and punching animations of the old man are absolutely ridiculous looking and make the absurdity of the game that much more enjoyable. Though the writing is overall stale, the presentation is silly enough to be amusing. Definitely looking forward to seeing what levels the community develops in the future.

moorlandgames responds:

Thank you for the detailed review, I genuinely enjoyed reading it! you really have a writing talent!

interesting game but your last boss is quite bad especially the second faze you dont even give him an animation of summoning skeletons around you so the players can get a short breather of his already broken patternless attack but no so now you can get stuck by brief invincible skeletons around you while his attacking unless the player glitched himself out of it other than that nice game

moorlandgames responds:

Thanks for your input, it's appreciated and noted!