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Anthro Applebat X Futa Rainbow Dash With Sound

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nice noise make pp rocc
(also yes i had to say it like that don't question my big brain)

Nicely done!

Damn.... damn... Mmmm... Wow. That is fucking sexy. I can't believe you actually made so much sexy shit happen in that little bit of footage. The ass smack. The actual assjob. Those cheeks are so thick! And I like the fact that you showed the dick moving and such intensely during cumming. That was a nice added touch. I love spanking. It's hot and it came out of nowhere and was unexpected. It was a much better spank for that reason.

The colors are so vibrant and lively. The horsecock makes the assjob so much better because there's more dick to go between the cheeks. I never actually thought of that or seen a horsecock get a buttjob before. Nice job. Literally.

Moaning was hot. And after the assjob was done, she fucks her. Hell yeah. Like the ass just bounced even better at that point. You're good with this. I want to see more doggystyle and hopefully anal in the future.

The only thing I wish was different and it's not really negative, it's just picking, but it feels like her tits should be the other way. Like usually they would sit outward not bent backward and it would appear more comfortable to have them resting forward with the nipples facing the camera. Just a suggestion.

The piercings are cute and I like that you made Applejack your own and gave her that added accessory to her appearance. The Fucking Fireplace is so good too! I didn't miss that! And this scene is hot! Symbolism like fuck. This gets one of my rare 5 Stars.

Certedia responds:

Hecking thank you papi uwu Will keep all that in mind for the future.

Really nice. Throbbing climaxes are so fun but rarely done. Shame it ends so abruptly and that Applebat is missing her tail, but otherwise it's pretty cool.

Certedia responds:

Yea sadly the tail got in the way, and made for a lot of work for such a small thing :p

better then sliced bread