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Mavis Animation (LOOP)

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I added a different Video version to the 10$ – Tier on patreon (B&W), which is purely for support & the access to join a monthly poll with your own request!

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Sounds by : https://freesound.org/

Music by : The Breakdown - Nu Metal - Royalty Free Music

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Dang dude, that's pretty good! I think the animation is pretty great for everything but her head. Her facial expression doesn't change at all, nor does she even blink, and that makes her feel lifeless from the neck up.

QualonHive responds:

Thank you, you're right. I thought about it but decided to leave it as it is because I wanted to finish it sooner. I will definitely take more time for the next animation!

Isnt it too long?

QualonHive responds:

Now that you mention it, it is too long. I wanted it to be 1 minute because I did it for the other loops as well, I might change that for the next time, thank you.

got to love this milf

There feels like there's one frame missing to when her head tilts fully back.
The breast gravity is alright. And the sound is fine. Hand motions look good.
Also, I think the tag is technically more "frankenstein/promethean" rather than "zombie", though, I guess that works too.

Her loli vag is a bit lacking in detail compared to the penis. I mean, the urethra kinda has more detail xD So, need to pick up a bit in that regard. Give it some more detail to match the penis.
The sound effects really speed up near the end. Not sure if its longer than it needs to be, since its only a loop. But I guess that was for the music?

Mavis is so hot

Credits & Info

3.78 / 5.00

Mar 5, 2020
3:58 AM EST
  • Photoshop
  • Premiere Pro
  • Paint Tool SAI
  • Windows Movie Maker