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Daxolissian System: Cat's Eye

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Cadet 5 Points

Complete a level

Veteran 50 Points

Complete all levels (you can cheat)

Spec Ops 100 Points

Complete all levels without cheats

Author Comments

You can turn on cheats from the main menu if you're stuck. Also remember: "The definition of insanity is continuously doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results." And you can try other levels and come back to the one you're stuck on later; they're all unlocked from the outset.

Props to anyone who trolls me in the comments with stuff like "needs a medal for beating the entire game on your first try without losing any ships" and has some medals to back up the smack talk.

For Unity game devs: this project uses my code to make Unity not lose PlayerPrefs data when you update the game; feel free to incorporate that into your games 'cuz as a player I hate to lose saves with updates.


Movement: WASD or arrows

Spawning: Numbers 1-6 (numpad or main keyboard)

Zoom: E R or 7 9 (numpad)

Pause: P (R to restart in pause screen or GameOver screen)

Camera mode: C (also re-centers if you're already in camera mode)

Unpause / exit camera mode: U or Enter/Return

-= Recommended: WASD & numpad, unless you have an AZERTY keyboard then use arrows & main keyboard =-

Tip: At the end of a level when you go back to the level select screen you can just hit enter right away to go to the next level (use the checkbox to skip the tutorial levels if you're a real man). And you can use movement keys to navigate the menu, so there's not much need for the mouse after the game starts.

Ship spawning costs

  1. Fighter: 3
  2. Boomer: 7
  3. Sniper: 5
  4. Destructor: 3
  5. Hammerhead: 9.5
  6. Missile: 8

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I dont get this?

3p0ch responds:

Move around with arrows or WASD.
Press numbers to spawn ships that fight (on the tutorial levels you can only spawn ships that are unlocked so far, so numbers 1 through whatever level number you're on).
Hopefully your blue ships kill all the red guys before they blow up your base.
On most levels you'll probably also want to change the camera zoom with either the E and R or numpad 7 and 9 keys.

Hopefully that helps? Otherwise feel free to PM me.

Better than the last one. Still needs quality of life improvements, though.
Zoom would be better if it was WASD, QE.
Spawn cost should be intuitive. Annoying since I can't tell just how much everything costs, and keep forgetting which key is what.

Tutorial is still a bit tough, but better than last time. I don't like the disclaimers every 2 seconds that "the game is hard". Dying in a tutorial is still pushing it. Beat the final tutorial level and the game just kept me in the level. Had to reload. It saved my data, at least.

I feel that levels end way too quick, there's not enough time to form a strategy. On top of that, levels are not open ended enough to feel like a good strategy game. I don't think it's a good idea to make an RTS be extra cruel about how much set up time the player has. Literally just started, I do not have the muscle memory down for some of this. Dying on repeat isn't fun, it feels like being stuck on that one part every level.

Levels need to be longer, give me something of a prepare phase, give me some capability to scout just what's coming in. Bring the enemies in waves with gaps in between rather than just tossing them all at once. It doesn't feel like I'm making a strategy. It feels like I'm brute force figuring out the right answer to the level.

There was a game design theory where someone said that maximizing fun is maximizing the state between winning and loosing. In this game you're basically winning by a land slide, or loosing by a land slide. I don't like the set up of an ultra rapid fire RTS at all. It's incredibly difficult to think of a strategy in so little time with so little leeway.

Credits & Info

3.30 / 5.00

Feb 29, 2020
10:55 AM EST
  • Unity
  • Audacity
  • Gimp