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Night of the Living Futa

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It's said that one of the abandoned rooms backstage of a popular venue is haunted, armed with a camera Cora hopes to capture some saucy footage.


@MinteaVA (Cora)

@MidnightDatura (Tahlia)

@M1ssMaia (Shelly)

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Man that's was hot and awesome!!! Animation was fantastic and the voice work was sexy as hell!!! Claps all around yo!😶

Very hot work! Good models for the characters, and fun poses along with nice animation. I would have liked a finish at the end, but otherwise this was very fun!

Zer0-3D responds:

Cheers very much, aye I suppose some ending could've been better. The idea was to leave it open to a possible continuition but a climax of some form could've helped for a satisfactory ending.

Honestly, this is very good and high quality animation...although...I sort of expected more somehow-

Like it felt like you were building up to something-

Like some sort of reveal or at least a more interesting "climax", with the whole premise of recording a "haunted" back room and stuff, while the battery slowly gets lower and lower and camera cuts out more and more, but instead it just sort of...stops-
Like there's not even an end even by hentai standards.

I don't know exactly what the intent was, but the but the characters look interesting, and the atmosphere/environment and set up is nice, but the ending was just sort of weak to me unless I missed something...and the ending is typically the most important part of anything, especially when hentai/porn is concerned.

Definitely above average, but could still be better.

Zer0-3D responds:

That's fair, the intention for not having a climax was to leave it open ended but true it could've probably helped to have some form of a climax.

I suppose had I intended to make this a bigger video rather than something short and fun to make while I was working on the next video I would've made something intended to build up to.

I love it

I will say: It's pretty well composed.
Just very... "where is it going?" and it jumps around a lot and... doesn't really end.

I know "it's porn" but like... she goes to some supposedly abandoned locker room. Where she meets some dudes with clown make-up. Which seems to alternate a bit between her servering the guys, and them using/abusing her, while neglecting her. (as is common in porn)

It's just very confusing. Which... I guess could be the point. But I personally just found it mostly "What did I just watch?". I got the part with random dudes with make up, random effeminate noises and semi-related sex scenes. There just doesn't seem to be anything coherent overall.

Credits & Info

3.73 / 5.00

Feb 26, 2020
11:27 AM EST