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The Hawking Radiation

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This is a game based of off the Hawking Radiation Theory by Stephen Hawking. Rescue your planet from a black hole by destroying anything, that can increase its mass. So you should only let anti-particles into the black hole. This game was made for Brackeys Game Jam.

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Fun and creative! but i would fix how the pink particles sometimes spawn inside the black hole and give no chance to destroy them and someway to destroy the boxes.

Nice time consuming game I got stuck on level 4 it felt like I had th eblack hole smaller than the earth but it still was too late I love this fun simple game and did not realize you had to beat it fast untill wave 3 when i saw it coming it right at end lol Good game please create more! Can you make good space shooter games?

Great concept and visuals! I don't think the white squares were a fair addition though, since they can cause you to lose the round through no fault of there own (unless there's a way to destroy them ??) Overall this is a pretty neat game!

The difficulty of the beginning levels is a bit much. It's doable, it's just a little too hard for right out the gate. Also what are we supposed to do about the blocks just floating there. Also again, the particles sometimes just float around the black hole and it never absorbs them. It's ok, but needs work

Fast paced epicness. At first I thought that I was doing nothing, but then it started shrinking, making me sure that I was doing something.