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2XXX one

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Episode 1: A lone survivor seeks shelter decades after the apocalypse. The world is dead, the era is unknown, food is scarce and only the lucky survive.

Only took my Dumbass 9 years to get around to finding a way to make this series happen with my limitations since I did Tankmen: Dual in 2010. Its purposely stylized and the tone is meant to be similar to the old era of Adult swim in the early 2000s.

Episode 2 will happen sometime around end of May/Early June.

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Great use of sound. Had me scared of that snake! AliceMako in the credits WOOP WOOP!

Very cool, at last I'm not the only one making non-comedy art and animation.
Keep this up and look forward to more good videos in the future. :)

Psychodelic but i like it!

Not to make this review about me, but I think it's super cool how you used that piece of music for exactly what I imagined it to be. I don't watch much animation these days but this one was a trip, especially the snake. Great job!

I liked how bouncy some of the animation was, like the cloak , bangs, and the eyes when the cannibal laughed. Gave it a unique style. Good ambient music too.