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ThorClock Takes Over: Part 23

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The plan thickens again! :D These be the bits I like. It all ties together now. Even if there seems to be yet one loose end to defend against in these nether grounds. Good stuff.


Thor clock is a god damn genius.

Ushnor responds:

Indeed. The way ThorClock wrote the conflict between ThorClock, ThorClock, and ThorClock of T.H.O.R.C.L.O.K. as they fight ThorClock in ThorClock's Thorclock Manor was truly inspired. Unfortunately I had to cut the final conflict, but basically it ended when ThorClock clocked ThorClock with ThorClock of T.H.O.R.C.L.O.C.K.'s thor clock, and when ThorClock was clocked out he beat him to death with a sock full of quarters.

Wait, BABY ThorClock?!
Damn IT! This "baby trend" is even seeping into the best series of all time! WHEN WILL IT END!!!!
It's all because of the nut I tell you! Damn you, baby nut!

Anyways, when WILL that dense Strawberry finally stop underestimating the unstoppable ThorClock? Whatever happened to Dark PolyhedronClock? What does T.H.O.R.C.L.O.K stand for?

So many questions forever left unanswered...

Ushnor responds:

The bosses made me include the Baby Thors so they could put them in the roster of the inevitable ThorClock Takes Over Kart Racing Game

"Rob's addiction to spam"

See what ya did there. Anyway yeah nice shit as always. Like the story of how ya killed everyone. BB10 killing himself was pretty funny. Voice acting was good as always. Liked the thorclock mindfuck at the end, as well as the cloffhanger, which was jivr. Bla bla bla, I came.


Ushnor responds:

running out of pants yet?

Oh my fkkn god. So damn brilliant.

Ushnor responds:

pop-tart confirmed for vore fan