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Prime Directive Two

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Vote five and my next movie will have jiggling boobies.

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Well this is for sure some different elements then normal but thats what I liked about it with the robotic elements and voice work making it unique and different so nice work with this one.



It started well but hmm, after that hmm, it's quite a while with no visuals.. though I do enjoy entertaining audio recordings as well it's such material that seems ideal for a more audial form, that doesn't have you staring at a black screen wondering if maybe somewhere along the line something might pop up...

But just for the record: I did vote five initially. Have to adjust for fair review.


that was a funny use of my old voice acting clips, albeit there were not many visuals during the voices play time, tbh...
you know, its sad that those voices were not used in someone's movie yet.
perhaps i should use them in a future movie or two. (but by all means, anyone should use my voice clips in a movie/movies, that would be very funny.)

either way, your movie had a great intro full of suspense , with the one robot commanding gir-bot to take action...
all in all this was another great FF movie part by you poptart, and i thank you for using my voice acting in it, even as a filler material.

keep up the good work, man.

Pop-Tart responds:

A bunch of those clips were used in my Clockhouse Theatre part, "Horse Thief." If I recall correctly, you weren't a big fan of it because of the weird pickle rapist story w/ you and L1fty.

Fived, because you said jiggling boobies will be on your next movie so voted 5