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Arc Falling Off a Stool

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Characters are Arc and Syd~

No-hoodie version available on Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/posts/arc-on-stool-34110173

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arc is fucking dead
series over everyone go home

should have fallen onto a cock

Arc falls if the friggin stool and dies

Needs audio, but Nice animation

I like this because it takes you on an emotional roller-coaster ride. I mean you cheer for her to get the (what exactly is she reaching for?) item. That makes you nervous she might fall, you feel bad. You almost know she's gonna fall. Then we feel curiosity as to what the hell it is she's reaching for in the first place. Have to ask ourselves if it was worth the fall. The pleasure may have made her less angry. Also we get turned on by her revealed body seconds in and that's the fun part. All of these things are going through our heads in seconds. You see her face go from focused determination and maybe some internalized fear of falling and then I noticed something strange... she smiled before she had that pleasure face and then opened her mouth to yell. Why was she smiling when she was straight-faced just seconds earlier while focusing on reaching whatever? What is the item? I ask why she was smiling because she was no closer to reaching the mystery item. Is that blue thing the item or is that just the design? Also it's clear that you gave us two takes on her getting grabbed, one of the swipe and one of her facial reaction so no one can be confused and think she smiled at the touch as that is inaccurate. She reacted shocked face upon being touched then pleasure face then "OH SHIT I'M GONNA FALL!" face. Lastly, I wish we could get an interview from her after the fall. Ma'm what were you reaching for? Why were you smiling just before your pussy was touched when nothing else happened that would have triggered your reaction? What did it feel like? Were you more angry or turned on after the fall? But the final thing... Why would you touch a girl like that when she clearly could fall and not even attempt to catch her? I want to know Syd's logic for that. Doesn't she care about Arc? I would never let a hot girl hurt herself.

Credits & Info

3.72 / 5.00

Feb 17, 2020
3:56 PM EST
  • After Effects
  • Paint Tool SAI

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