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Infinity Dungeon

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Game built with ❤️ for the Phaser Jam 2020.

Last Update - December 13th 2021

The game is in active development and has evolved a lot!

👉 infinitydungeon.com


Clean up the Infinity Dungeon before running out of food!

Moves & Attacks

Use arrow keys to control your Hero. To attack a monster, you only need to move towards him and your Hero will attack it.

You can shoot arrows using the R key or by clicking on the arrows button. 

You can also use bomb with the T key or by clicking on the bomb button to destroy destructible walls that enclose rare items.

Be careful, you only have 4 arrows and 1 bomb at the beginning of your journey. You might find arrows and bombs on the road.

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Such a thing.. It's kind of boring but I liked it

Pretty neat dungeon crawler! At the moment, this game feels like it has a good core to it and would be great with some updates to add both some pizazz and more unique gameplay mechanics to it. Some random food for thought:

I'd like it if the different characters had some different powers to use to let the player decide how they'd like to approach the game. I feel like the combat is a bit lacking at the moment: could be a bit better if there was some sound, as well as letting the sprites bump each other to signify the attack. I didn't like the introduction of the X mechanic, which I assume is missing attacks, on the later floors: that feels like a more annoying form of luck that the player can't deal with skillfully. I was actually surprised that the game doesn't let an enemy attack you when you walk up to it without being evenly spaced: not sure if that's a good thing to let the player relax more or if it's a bad thing since it lets the player be lazy and not strategize their spacing.

Right now, this game's like a good, tasty scoop of ice cream, and I want some sprinkles and whipped cream on it! Definitely looking forward to seeing this built up!

This game is a fun and addicting game.
I got to memorize what kind of enemy that takes 1 hit to kill and what kind of enemy that I should avoid fighting because it takes 3 hits to kill.
But the hunger system is what ruined the fun of game.
Either remove it or make it easier to find food. Because relying too much on RNG is not fun at all

It's a really addicting and fun concept of the game but it does need to be tweaked even more dospite current patches.
- Firstly food, either remove that feature or implemet food artifacts. We are constantly at the mercy of lvl & mob rng for food drops. I had many cases where I was doing well on weapons money and armor, but failed simly cause food didn't spawn for like 2 lvls in a row.
- Secodly weapon/armor/artifact drops, the lvls increase in difficulty but I had cases where armor and weapons even merchants didn't spawn in time for me to adapt to the changing difficulty. I believe all this can be solved either by making mobs spawn more artifact and food instead of 3gold. Or just make merchants spwn every 2 lvls and have each of 4 slots for 1 weapon, 1 artifact/armor, 1 food, 1arrows/bombs. That way we may sacrifice money if rng is unmerciful.
- Thirdly, the game is boring, currently it's just a grinder to see when you'll die it's addicting, but it's frustratijng and we need a sence of purpose in it. Maybe introduce quests for special loot, perhaps lvls may spawn challange gates for small heavy mob-heavy reward areas. Introduce scoreboard to show who went deepest. Achievments would be sweet. Maybe use Diablo mechanics where you do have endgame upon collecting some items and a final boss. Then The game would reset on hardcore mode when enemies deal 2x dmg. Simply put this is a game already, it just need to spiced up.

Good start to a game but needs quite a bit more but I'm glad you're continuing to update it.
Not a big rogue-like fan so can't give the best advice but was craving this style today so here I am.
Would be nice if music looped. breaks immersion when the song restarts. but music is a beautiful fit.
You have the different characters so hope to see a difference in future apart from appearance in the gameplay. Maybe you could even have it just a sprite change so wizards have fireballs and explosion spells instead of arrows and bombs and you pick up scrolls for corresponding spell.
Bigger random variation in rooms as after first 2 playthroughs I already can identify the room layout from entering the new room.

dlodz responds:

Thanks @Sarlak for your feedback and advices. The music loops and you are right for few seconds there is no music at all. It's a great point! I can fix it and also add several musics.
The difference between characters is coming. I like your idea about fireballs etc and plan to do something similar. That is not my top priority but changes will happen soon!
Random variation in rooms were improved but I didn't release it yet. It will come with other features quickly.

Credits & Info

3.40 / 5.00

Feb 16, 2020
5:42 PM EST
  • Phaser