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Sticky Sam

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(fixed the game)


-bugs and soft locks are gone

-WASD and arrow key movement

-R to restart

-fixed music bug

-game frames are improved

-Added particles to portal

-fixed credits (load back to menu)

-gotten rid of bad glitch effect

-new menu system including a left click on button to play instead of space bar

-arrows have been improved

-player speed/movement improved

-Load and complete animation fixed and re-worked (converted to a black fade)

-SFX improved

-Added download version on itch.io - (https://mostlymadproductions.itch.io/sticky-sam)

-moving enemies don`t disappear randomly

-when loading the credits there isn't a weird flicker to a random level


Made for the WOWIE Jam 2.0

(WOWIE jam stuff has been removed and can only be seen on the itch page in the jam entries)

Theme: (Intentional bugs)

How the theme was used: 

-Visual effects

-Moving enemys will randomly disappear and reappear 

Itch.io page --- (MostlyMadProductions)


Youtube account --- (MostlyMadProductions)



Arrow Keys == Move

Esc == Exit

bundles with the assets in the game +more




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Wowsers! I really like the movement and distortion quality of this game. I don’t know how you made this. So trippy! My eyes may need some help though. :) All levels were doable with careful attention to those infinite arrows and spikes! Yikes! Fun little game. Well done.

Literally reusing levels isn't fun, putting the exact same level as the first part of the next level is really repetitive

game was good but the timing function really killed it for me. you have these minute long levels in which you are probably gonna die about 20 times and every single time you die you have to go through the same slow plodding puzzles and if you make one mistake? go all the way back to the beginning. you should have timed it so that it was possible to go through faster most levels
the idea is there but the execution is awful. basically all the problems this game has could be fixed with a "go back to the place you were last on" button even if it made the game much more casual

Very boring and repetitive, and the unique style doesn't make up for it.

It was alright, but also kinda meh. Kinda felt like a psychedelic chip's challenge or something. The music resetting every time the screen freaked out made the start of the song a bit annoying. Typical puzzle game.. nothing too new or exciting, probably much more enjoyable if you just took a few hits of acid.

Credits & Info

3.34 / 5.00

Feb 14, 2020
7:53 PM EST