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Spooky Starlets BETA 0.4

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NOTE: This game is an early build and is NOT indicative of the final version.

We're still working on it and will be for a while! - - - - - - -

Congratulations, you've died!

You've been assigned the task of producing adult films, featuring some of the afterlife's sexiest leading ladies! What will you create as director of your own porn studio?

Unlock exclusive content by supporting us on Patreon!



- New Animation Added: Blowjob!

- Gallery Unlock: View all of the CGs immediately, from the gallery mode! (temporary)

- Brand new overhauled gameplay systems- play cards to create your movie!

- New Background Theme! Pirates theme now has a new background!

- UI Updates! Made some tweaks to existing UI & presentation to clean things up a bit

- - - - - - - Guest Character: Alicia -Crisis Point Extinction - FEATURED

You can learn more about Crisis Point over here!


- - - - - - - Guest Character: Camellia -Cloud Meadow

You can learn more about Cloud Meadow over here!


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just one question; will it reach steam?

All in all a cool idea!

Artwork is great, voice acting cute, music fitting (kudos to the talented componist) and the overall presentation is very well done and high quality!

What bugs me the most though is the overall crude animation. There's already some quality there with frame-to-frame stuff (cumshots) and the 2D rigs are overall nice aswell, yet it still feels veeeery stiff and, honestly, quite hasty and not very sensual/sexy, more like humping rabbits, or more, two puppets being bashed at each other :B Especially the blowjob-animations look off, where the mouth of the characters is sometimes located where the cheek or the nose(!) should be. This is nitpicky, yes, and there are limitations when working with 2D-rigs, but Id like to see this game to shine, that's why Im trying to point out as much as I can :)

So in a nutshell: Everything is quality wise already really really nice, but the animations are pulling the whole game down (sorry animators!). Maybe try making the loops slower, less "humpy". I know that making rigs appear less stiff is a difficult task (especially when there's so much variety between girls and poses), but you can do it! I think once you put more time and sweat into the animation section, it will give this game a major push!

Another thing: some sound effects during those loops would be nice. Moaning and some squishy sounds should add some magic :) Youve probably planned this feature anyways, but I thought pointing it out wouldnt hurt, just in case.

And a little idea from my side: Maybe add 2,3 buttons to every loop to change loop speeds, that could put some "customization" into it, and also some spice for the viewer

Damn, looking at this review makes me look like a "flash porn connoisseur", but well, can't really deny it aswell thahahaha. What has my life come to.

Good luck with the project!

I haven't seen mention of this here, maybe it was mentioned in the previous updates versions, but I'll still say it.
In one of the scenes with Alice, her hair is broken. I forgot to note down which one.
And with Redd Ryder, on the blowjob scene, her hand is extremely blurry, and not knowing how this game works or how games work, could be due to the image size being to small.
On the subject of Redd Ryder, I love her. Her name is Redd Ryder, and she is a wolf. Red Riding Hood. You all are geniuses.

I do like the game however. It's an interesting concept once I figured out what to do. My only complaint is I can't take characters or cards out, which reading through other comments I understand it's huge W.I.P as you had to change the system.

P.S. What does the Group Service do? Is it just better luck for card draws?

i really like the voice acting at the begining, hope the final game has more moments like this, where you can interact with the girls. :3

oh my god this is what i call a good game can't wait for full game.It is possible for steam version???

Credits & Info

3.59 / 5.00

Feb 14, 2020
6:00 PM EST